How To Get Your Relationship Coach Certification

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Relationship coaching is an emerging field in the life coaching sector. Life coaching abounds in a landscape of personal trainers, home organizers, business coaches, and others that help people  lead a more robust life. There are however far fewer coaches that handle the more difficult and complex aspect of romantic relationships. In order to become a relationship coach, it is important to go through a thorough and high quality training program that provides a relationship coach certification.

Life Coach Certification vs. Relationship Coach Certification

Life coach certification is a very broad designation that allows you to help people in many aspects of their life. To be successful in an industry like that, you need to find your special niche. This means either narrowing down the types of people you want to work with, or the kinds of issues you want to tackle. 

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges life coaches encounter because the very concept of life coaching is so very generic. So finding your niche is going to help you to distinguish yourself from other types of coaches. If you want to work with people specifically around sex and relationships, getting a relationship coach certification is a solid choice. You are able to market directly to the segment of population who is looking to improve their marriages and connections. 

With life coach training, you are able to help someone follow their heart to choosing a good partner. A certified relationship coach however teaches clients to communicate, share desires and feelings. They can guide clients to not only stay in their relationship, but experience deep and ongoing intimacy

How to Succeed in a Relationship Coach Job

Relationship coach jobs – or jobs requiring relationship coaching skills – are a growing field.

The most common step upon graduation from a relationship coach certification program is to set up your own private practice. Here, you can work with both individuals and couples on increasing their relationship skills. You may help someone learn how to relate better so they can conquer the dating world. Or, maybe you’re coaching couples in long-term relationships deepen their intimacy and avoid conflict. 

An additional perk is the choice of practicing in person or being a relationship coach online. Being an online coach means counseling clients either over the phone or a video conferencing app. Not only are you able to shape your hours to your liking, you can also work with clients in all corners of the world. This is helpful if you live in a remote area or need to be able to work from home while caretaking kids. It also saves you the trouble and fees related to renting an office. 

In recent years, corporations too have realized that staff with interpersonal skills are key to their success. So some graduates of relationship coach certification programs are going into the business consulting field. These relationship coaching jobs are about helping businesses train their employees in empathy and good communication. The results are a reduction in sexual harassment lawsuits and increased company morale – something corporations are happy to pay for. 

What Can You Expect as a Salary?

Of course, whenever you consider a new profession, you likely want to know how much money you can expect to make.

Self employed life coaches generally make about $45,000 per year. A relationship coach salary is pretty similar – of course adjusted to the area you live and practice in. There is however one way to boost your bottom line: combining your relationship coach certification with sex coaching. Sex coaching is a far less saturated and even more niche field, so you’re able to charge a lot more. Most couples therapists are not particularly well trained to talk about sex, and there are far fewer sex therapists and sex coaches out there. 

So why not just become a sex coach? Sure – there are solely focused sex coaching programs out there. However, most people with issues in their sex life also need help with their relationships. You will be a far more effective coach if you have both skill sets. Graduates from The Somatica Institute have noted that they are able to charge about 15% higher rates than traditional therapists in their area. So research what local therapist make in your area – and add 15% to that. 

relationship coach practicing her job with a couple

Relationship Coach Training

There are very few training programs that combine sex and relationship coaching. And even fewer whose creators and trainers have therapeutic training and background.

The Somatica Institute offers a training that includes both an experiential and therapeutically-grounded method. Its sex and relationship coach certification program focuses on how to be a stellar practitioner, AND how to market and grow your job in this field. 

If you’re already established as relationship coach practitioners – or wanting to expand your relationship coach salary options – the in-depth and practical education you receive will put you on the path to being a professionally certified Sex and Relationship Coach.

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