Ashley loves working with individuals and couples to develop self-worth, sexual confidence and explore new depths of vulnerable communication. She can help you discover your sexual tastes, fantasies, relationship needs and boundaries. Ashley has seen how conditioning around talking about sex, desires, relationship dynamics, and boundaries can leave us with little room to feel safe enough to feel, express, and ask for our own needs.

Originally from Texas, Ashley moved to Los Angeles and found her path to help others discover their authentic sexual selves. Her experience of building her life post-divorce, exploring ethical non-monogamy and kink – accompanied by her accepting nature – creates a sanctuary for clients to feel nourished, heal, and grow.

Ashley shares from her experience as a Somatica practitioner in her a blog post: Behind the Doors of Somatica: What Being an Intimacy Coach is Really Like

Ashley sees clients in Redondo Beach / Los Angeles, CA. Fill out this form if you’re interested in seeing her:

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