Diane is a sex and intimacy coach with offices in San Francisco and Sausalito / Marin County. She brings her passion, unconditional support, and deep desire for growth into all of her coaching sessions. She creates a safe space where you can share openly and be fully received while learning skills and deepening self-acceptance.

Diane guides people in their discovery around what they desire sexually and relationally. She helps them develop their  communication skills to ask for what they want and teaches them skills around connection and intimacy. Diane assists her clients to tap into their turn-ons and longings – all things she has spent years exploring and developing in herself.

She is a certified clinical sexologist and has trained in the Somatica Method, holding a Master’s Degree from Cornell University, a Bachelor’s from UCSB, and an Associate’s Degree in Health Science/Massage Therapy from the Swedish Institute.

Diane sees clients in San Francisco and Sausalito / Marin County, CA. Fill out this form if you’re interested in seeing her:

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