Jackie brings a diverse set of skills to her work as a Certified Somatica Sex and Relationship Coach. She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and has a background as a Feldenkrais practitioner. She has also spent the past 16 years working as a sex educator. Through her work, she has helped countless people learn about their bodies, and how to take their desires to the next level.

She takes particular delight in helping couples discover new levels of excitement and desire for each other. Her work helps individuals awaken their intuitive sense of what they need and crave, embrace it – and then to go out and get it. She delights in the many forms of sexual fantasy, desire, and turn-on, and loves helping people explore their unique sexuality.

Jackie is a wife and has one child with significant special needs. She has experienced first-hand what stress, fatigue, and boredom can do to a romantic relationship. She also knows about the power of the Somatica Method in bringing healing and hotness to her own marriage. With that experience comes a compassionate understanding of the importance of this process for all of her clients.

Jackie sees clients in Alameda, CA. Fill out this form if you’re interested in seeing her:

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