As a Certified Somatica Practitioner, Jaime specializes in the vital realm of healing and liberation through self-discovery in our sexual, sensual, and intimate lives.

Intimacy, in all its forms, causes us to bump up against our fears and offers the opportunity to grow and become more of ourselves, deepening love, passion, sensuality, and commitment. Relationships are not always easy and learning to be both ourselves and connected in relationships can be a challenge. When we face this challenge and grow, we heighten our capacity to have what we want. This process takes care, intention, and most of all compassion.

Jaime has an active practice in the Sierra Foothills and Sacramento, CA. She has been working in this luscious territory with individuals, couples, and groups since 2014. She also works with students at the Somatica Institute, and is a public speaker and writer. Most recently, she launched immersion coaching at a retreat location.

Jaime sees clients in the Sierra Foothills and Sacramento, CA. Contact Us to set an appointment with Jaime today. 


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