Janel helps men embody their sexuality and gain confidence with women. After years of working in Silicon Valley as an online communications specialist, Janel observed that men in tech sometimes struggle with body awareness and the emotional intelligence needed for thriving intimate relationships. She now helps men who want to become better lovers and bring forward their erotic energy in a way women will respond to.

Janel is also passionate about empowering non-monogamous people to be themselves and discover the relationship structure that works for them. She believes that being non-monogamous is fundamental and unchangeable for some people, including herself. Through both in-person and online coaching, she supports others for whom monogamy doesn’t work to have happy and healthy open relationships.

In addition to her Somatica training, Janel holds a BA in Communications from the University of Southern California. Her life goals are to challenge the status quo, facilitate human connection, live adventurously, and write about it all. She has been a member of multiple intentional communities around the country, worked as a cuddle therapist, and hiked nearly 5,000 miles on long distance trails across America.

Janel sees clients in her Menlo Park, CA office. Fill out this form if you’re interested in seeing her:

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