Is there something blocking you from getting the love and intimacy you deserve? If yes – meet Julia, a relationship and sex coach in Austin, Texas. She can help you unravel the knots in your eroticism through an embodied experience, tailored to your growing edge. Discover how hot it can be to develop emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Julia will support your process of self-discovery as you get to the core of what really turns you on and find ways to live it into being. Celebrate your kinks, own your shadows, and learn to get more of what feeds you. Feel empowered with new tools for connection and a renewed sense of self compassion.

In her younger years, Julia was the shy girl who often felt overlooked and lonely. As she journeyed to connect to her body, her confidence and her sensuality, she came to know and love herself deeply. She embraced her needs and desires as well as her fears and boundaries – and learned tools to teach others how to do the same.

Instead of waiting for intimacy to happen, she started asking for what she wanted and creating what she desired. Her own process taught her that true healing is not about trying to fix or change oneself – but about fully accepting who you are.

Now she loves to empower people with tools to communicate who they are and what they desire. She teaches people skills for seduction, embodiment, and intimacy.

Julia has completed the Somatica Core Training and Advanced Training, holds a bachelor’s degree in cultural studies, and is a certified practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Her background in dance and bodywork makes her uniquely qualified to help people learn to feel and express their sensuality through embodiment.

She is sex worker, kink, tantra, and poly-friendly.

Julia sees clients in her Austin, TX office, and online over Skype. If you’re interested in seeing her, just fill out below form:

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