Kathryn is inspired by a desire to help people find happiness in their personal relationships, through a deepening of connection and intimacy. She is passionate about celebrating your unique desires and goals, uncovering what may be holding you back from the connection you desire. Her goal is to help you craft a plan to learn, practice, and experience more confidence, power, and passion in your life.

She is especially drawn to working with men who struggle with initiating intimacy, late-in-life virgins, and men who have been in sexless, long-term relationship for many years. She wants to help men learn new skills and gain confidence in claiming their desires and going after the connection they want and need.

Kathryn has a warm, loving presence and brings calm, non-judgmental support to every session, while also helping clients find and express their “sexy”. She is also a skilled dating coach and offers real-world dating practice sessions in and out of the office.

Kathryn’s education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Masters Degree in Organizational Behavior. She is also trained as a Skydancing Tantra teacher and coach. Kathryn’s Santa Rosa office is situated conveniently between Sonoma and Napa Counties, and she also sees clients in San Francisco once a week. For non-local clients, Kathryn uses Zoom and Skype, as well as offering one and two-day intensives in a beautiful wine country setting.

Kathryn sees clients in Santa Rosa / Sonoma County CA and online via Skype + Zoom. Contact Us to set an appointment with Kathryn today.


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