Susan has been a life, career, and relationship coach collectively for over 15 years. Her mission is to embrace every person as whole and worthy of celebrating, and to help people de-shame, reclaim, and fully express their innermost desires in ways that feel safe and pleasurable. She loves helping people find their own “third way” – custom-fitting their sexual and intimate relationships to be in full service of what’s real and true for their fullest life expression—no matter what that is—so that they can thrive in their lives and in their world.

Susan is trained in the Somatica Method and incorporates skills in Matrix Leadership, Authentic Relating and Circling into her work. She also draws upon a lifetime of experience in embodied movement, including a professional dance career and as a founding member of the Boulder Contact Improvisation Lab, which involves the exploration of what arises when two or more bodies share touch, weight, and movement.

Proudly known as a “third-way queen”, Susan grew up accepting that to fully express her desires, she needed to find ways to be unconventional in a conventional world. As the daughter of a sex therapist, she became her hometown’s unofficial teenage sex coach, offering council to other teens and debunking myths about sex. As an adult, she embarked on a 10-year open relationship and marriage, had a child, and chose to live next door to her family partner to remain a family after they uncoupled. Susan speaks on panels and at college campuses and has been featured in Marie Claire magazine on outside-the-box relationships, sexuality, and sustainable polyamory.

Susan sees clients in her Denver, CO office and online. Fill out this form if you’re interested in seeing her:

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