Tumi (they/them) is a somatic sex and relationship coach in South AfricaTheir deepest desire is to live in a world where everybody is free to be their most authentic selves. They dream about liberation for all beings, and feel deeply that our sexual freedom is an integral part of our collective liberation.

Their sessions are fun and playful at times, and deep and emotional at others. They hold a radically de-shamifying container and bring an open-minded and curious attitude to their work. In session, they hold the question “who are you as a sexual and emotional being?”, and spend time exploring what comes up in response. Tumi loves empowering people to explore who they authentically are – beyond their gender socialization and societal conditioning. They help them release their internalized beliefs about how and with whom they ‘should’ be sexual.

Tumi also loves leaning into the sticky sites of shame, and helping people celebrate and embrace the parts of themselves they have learned to suppress. They love pushing the envelope and going into the territory that feels most edgy. To experience expansive growth, they know you need to reclaim your power from the places where it has been scattered. They believe it’s often the places we are afraid to go, and the parts of ourselves that we are most afraid to see, that hold the most power.

Tumi holds you in fierce love as you explore the parts of yourself that you have deemed unacceptable and unlovable. Together, you can meet these parts with love and acceptance, enabling you to uncover and embrace your whole, fully embodied, and most authentic self.

Tumi works with clients internationally online and is currently seeing clients in person in South Africa. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing them (please note, that they only offer 3-months packages):