Bryan is a Somatica-trained intimacy and relationship coach based in Austin, Texas.

Bryan spent the first portion of his career working in non-profit, religious, and educational organizations before transitioning to the tech industry, where he leveraged his background in humanities to connect culture and technology, enable high potential individuals, and transform groups into psychologically-safe, emotionally sensitive, self-organizing teams.

Outside of work, he dedicates a portion of his free time to help select clients find themselves, connect with others, and experience life more fully. He provides a safe and accepting place where playfulness, exploration and discovery are encouraged and where intimacy and compassion are nurtured.

Bryan places emphasis on somatic communication: mindful embodiment; identifying, accepting, and expressing needs, desires and boundaries; and repair strategies to maintain healthy, authentic, and vulnerable connections. His style is friendly, empathetic, sexy, and full of laughter and human-ness.

Bryan welcomes individuals and couples of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship styles. His practice is available online and through location-based sessions.

Bryan sees clients in the Austin, TX area, and online. If you’re interested in seeing him, just fill out the form below: