Sho-Sho specializes in helping men through her program, Masculine Arts™. She compassionately unravels ideas around masculinity and erectile performance, and guides them in understanding women and seduction. As an Chinese-American, Sho-Sho supports Asian-American men and men of color in healing their racial identity around sexuality and masculinity.

Her program for women, Lust for Life™, takes women on personal journeys through self-care, relationship grief, and sexual freedom. Within this safe space, women find themselves restored, adored, and able to find their glow again.

Sho-Sho is also adept at sexual exploration and expansion. This includes opening up monogamous relationships to polyamory, role-play and fantasy, kink and BDSM, while teaching you to navigate two central skills that underpin them all: boundaries and negotiation.

Sho-Sho is also in training to be a practitioner of Internal Family Systems Therapy and a sex educator for kids and teens. She is a writer, mother, founder, and former-Fortune 500 corporate dropout. Sho-Sho trained with Somatica after her husband of 20 years died of cancer. No stranger to grief, she launched her coaching practice to help others go from barely surviving to truly thriving.

Sho-Sho sees individuals and couples in-person in Berkeley, CA, and online. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: