Vance is a certified Somatica practitioner based in Toronto, Canada. With a passion for connection and intimacy, he works with queer people socialized as men to work through shame to be their authentic selves.

Vance started his journey as a certified yoga teacher in 2017. He found great joy in guiding people to become aware of the sensations and emotions in the body, and how to breathe through them. This passion for embodiment and eroticism also led him to explore burlesque and dance, and eventually to the Somatica Training. With this full quiver of tools, Vance is now helping others find their sexuality and erotic energy in their own bodies.

As queer people we grow up with the shame of being different. This stays with us as we navigate relationships, especially with people socialized as men. Vance knows there is a huge need to work through toxic masculinity in society that says it’s shameful for men to be emotional and sensitive.

He uses the experiential practice of the Somatica Method to help other queer people be embodied as their authentic selves so they too can connect and have the best sex possible.

Vance sees clients online and in his practice in Toronto, Canada. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing him: