Irina is a trauma-informed somatic therapist and intimacy coach in Berlin, Germany.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, she has spent more than two decades traveling the world. Through that, she has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience around self-healing and  understanding how past abuse and trauma affect our present. Irina is versed in helping you address medical challenges, exercise boundaries in life and work, reconnect with the inner self, and  building better, stronger, and more intimate connections.

Living with complex PTSD and chronic physical pain herself, Irina has first-hand experienced how important it is to make self-care a top priority. With a focus on self-love, authenticity and resilience, she has connected lessons from her experiences with lessons on nutrition, yoga, Ayurveda, the female body and its cycles, and somatic therapies.

Although every session is unique, the goal is always the same: to help you deepen and strengthen the connections with yourself, your body, and others. Working with both the mind and body, sessions can include discussing past experiences, articulating various aspects of your fears, or exploring how your thoughts can manifest in physical ways — and vice versa.

Irina is specialized in working with women who have experienced sexual trauma, as well as women with pelvic pain. 

Irina sees clients in Berlin, Germany, and online. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: