Annabella is a Somatica-certified sex & intimacy coach who lives in the beautiful and wild mountains of the Dolomites, near Venice, Italy. She has been teaching there yoga and meditation for 15 years.

She receives immense satisfaction from her work and a continuous flow of personal insights along her spiritual path. However, she always felt a hidden and important part of her was not being considered.

When Annabella embarked on her journey to become a Relationship and Intimacy Coach, she learnt incredibly powerful and essential tools to improve and strengthen her relationships. The most important one though: the relationship with herself. Realizing that we all suffer – and in very similar ways – gave her the courage to find her own true voice. She now dares to openly express how she feels, what she needs, and especially what she desires from others and from every day of her life.

She wishes to help other women and men who suffer as uselessly as she used to. She wants them to understand the origins of their pain, tame their critical inner voices, and learn to communicate kindly and clearly how they want to be listened to, respected, and loved.

Annabella sees clients in her valley, Val di Zoldo, in surrounding areas in Italy, and also online.