Ashley is a Certified Somatica Sex and Relationship Coach in Los Angeles. She also has certifications as Dominatrix, and Sex Educator by The American Board of Sexologists.

Ashley specializes in working with men on sexual performance as well as emotional and sexual intimacy. Men often find Ashley to be a great practice partner, helping them navigate difficult emotions, conversations, and finding their sexual selves. Whether they are stepping into their inner animal or Dominant, exploring kink interests, or just learning to let go and receive, she is always a wonderful support.

Trained as a Dominatrix, she also loves helping women step into their Domme energy. She feels every femme should explore her dominance skills, given these are helpful in and outside of the sex and play realm. Ashley also enjoys working with couples who are discovering and navigating their sexual desires together, and helps them when they hit roadblocks in finding each other.

She knows that it’s sometimes hard to advocate for who we are and what we want because of our emotional histories and societal messages about who and how we are supposed to be. Ashley helps you develop the awareness, self-worth, confidence, and communication skills to ask for what you want, and create the life and relationships that are right for you.

Originally from Texas, Ashley moved to Los Angeles and found her path helping others discover their authentic selves, sexually and in relationship dynamics. Her experience of building a life post-divorce and exploring non-monogamy and kink – accompanied by her accepting nature – creates a sanctuary for clients to build sexual confidence and explore new and thrilling depths of intimacy and desire. She is available for one-on-one sessions and offers the workshops Shameless Fantasies and Navigating Non-Monogamy in the Los Angeles area and online.

She shares her experience as a Somatica Intimacy Coach in our blog post: Behind the Doors of Somatica: What Being an Intimacy Coach is Really Like

Ashley sees clients in Los Angeles, CA, and Online. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: