Kat is a Somatica-trained sex and relationship coach in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her focus is to help you find your authenticity. She teaches you to be real in relationships – first with yourself and then with others. Through that, you attract other authentic people and live your most sexually and emotionally fulfilling life possible.

Kat’s goal is to help you uncover your unhealthy relationship patterns by uncovering your blocks to intimacy. Understanding and healing your insecurities and hurts will empower you in your love life.

She also teaches you practical skills to feel sexy and alive, and be vulnerable in a safe way. By creating the depth of intimacy you desire, you will truly understand yourself and your partner (or partners). This way, you can avoid getting into the same disagreements, over and over.

Kat also supports you in your journey towards happiness, fulfillment in your love life, and in your sex life. She knows from experience this will create more abundance and joy in ALL areas of your life.

Most of Kat’s sex and relationship coaching is done virtually, but she also works in-person with clients in her home office in St Paul, Minnesota. Clients of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship styles are welcome.

Kat sees clients for sex and relationship coaching in St Paul, Minnesota and Online. Fill out this form if you’re interested in seeing her: