Aspen, a Certified Somatica Sex and Relationship Coach in New Mexico, is on a mission to revolutionize intimacy and increase orgasms around the globe. At the age of 15, she  traveled across the United States as part of the homeless youth nation. At 21, and as a single mother, she supported herself as a sex worker for 10 years. She is now completing her bachelor’s degree in Sociology of Women and Gender studies.

Her diverse life experiences provided an opportunity to work with people from all walks of life, which has helped her create an accepting, judgment-free zone. Aspen is open and straightforward about sex, and does not let societal shame or oppression censor how she shows up in the world. She has applied everything she has learned to increase the yumminess of her own sex life and is excited to share this passion with others.

Working with clients of all genders, sexual orientations and relationship structures, Aspen adores building authentic attachment and intimacy with her clients. Pleasure and sexual power are her core focuses. Communication and conflict repair tools have been a life-changing part of how she teaches intimacy.

Aspen loves helping clients get out of the analytical, anxious mind and into the depths, pleasure and presence of the body. Roleplay, and interactive exercises are some of her favorite teaching styles. She is adept at showing men how to harness and control their erotic energy, helping with dating and seduction, and guiding them to be more intimate, present lovers.

Your time with Aspen will feel personal, connected, and fun as she uses her natural flirt and humor, even during deep transformations. She currently works with clients in New Mexico, and online. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: