Leia is a bi-coastal, bi-sexual driver of social change through authenticity and vulnerability. A certified Somatica sex and relationship coach in Oregon, she believes in resourcing pleasure as a way to build resilience, magnetism, and deeply intimate connection. She considers it an honor to help others step more consciously into what that uniquely means for them.

Her formal education focused on the humanities; her informal education included (but was not limited to) hitchhiking to Costa Rica and back, twice, in her younger years. She brings an anti-establishment perspective to the realms of sex and intimacy which prioritizes authenticity over expectations – be they societal or individual.

If you’re interested in working with a coach who will happily deconstruct capitalism and the kyriarchy with you as part of your sexual liberation, or talk astrology as a supplemental language, Leia is here for it.

If you know firsthand that the personal IS political, you will not have to explain that fact to her. She strives to embody the changes she wants to see in the world, and celebrates opportunities to educate herself further whenever and however she can.

Leia’s purpose in life is to be a catalyst for freedom, one human being at a time. She specializes in helping anyone passionate about investing in themselves, their relationships, their intimacy and their pleasure. She is kink-positive, and helps couples find the best relationship structure for them – whether it be poly, mono, or something in between. LGBTQIA+ a resounding “yes, please”!

Leia is seeing clients in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, and over Zoom. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: