Kevin is a certified Somatica sex and relationship coach in Sacramento, California, who sees clients of all ages, genders, and relationship structures. 

As a somatic-based, trauma informed coach, he is passionate about supporting women in their reclaiming journey. Kevin does this by offering a consent-based container where safety is established through ongoing communication and boundary clarification. He also helps women find a reunion with the healthy masculine, offering them the resources and agency to connect more deeply with themselves and the men in their lives. His training in tantra brings a level of conscious awareness to the subtle energies that can be cultivated for healing connections. 

Kevin also works with men to embody their healthy masculine energy and develop into masterful lovers and amazing partners. Either working with men’s groups or one on one, he strives to create a world of emotionally intelligent and fully embodied men.

With the couples in his practice, he helps them navigate relationship repair, rekindle their passion, explore fantasies, hold healthy boundaries, and discover their core desires. He also has training in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Attachment Theory, shadow work, and inner child work. Each offer ways to encourage and de-shame our deeper, isolated parts so they feel safe to emerge to the surface.

Kevin currently works with clients in the Sacramento, CA area, and online. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing him: