Rachel is a Somatica Certified Sex and Relationship Coach. Her search for embodied belonging has led her to yoga, experiential sex and relationship coaching, dance, bodywork, and the arts. She enjoys working with healers, performers, mothers and fathers, elders, queer folks, and those embracing life after religious dogma and shame. 

Rachel’s path is a whole-hearted journey, full of challenges, discovery, and celebrations. She has helped others become light, even in the darkest hallways, because she has been there before. With boldness and tenderness she learned to alchemize boundaries into boundlessness, discomfort into connection, and overwhelm into sensual anticipation, one breath at a time. She is guided by her inner compass to lead and learn with trauma-informed teachers, harm reductionists, and voices that stand for the voiceless.

Rachel’s work focuses on helping people create brave spaces in their lives.  She helps her clients sniff out limiting beliefs and dogma that act as roadblocks to intimacy and play. Rachel is a skilled bridge-builder between becoming and belonging, especially in relationships. 

Rachel believes in pleasure as a lifestyle, and guides others to somatically map a courageous path for a more present, connected and sexy life. Through somatic practices, the body experiences spacious healing. A world of pleasure awaits – first within, then beyond the walls of her office. She invites others to step boldly hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart, on a mission to learn to live this life together, deliciously.

Rachel sees clients in Nevada City, CA and Online. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: