Lyuba is a relationship and sex coach in San Diego, CA. She believes that all people are hot and sexy by default. It’s only the taboo shaming culture around sexuality that is stopping them from fully expressing themselves, and from a satisfying, delightful, pleasure-filled life. 

In her work, Lyuba creates a very positive, shameless celebrating container where you can fully drop in and explore. Sessions are experiential – together you will go deeply into connection and ride all the waves that show up. It’s like being in an intimacy laboratory where you practice with real life experiences to feel more confident, attractive, and clear about what you want. 

Working with Lyuba, you will find a deep sense of connection with yourself. From that place, you are able to build profound and intimate relationships using the powerful communication tools she teaches. You will also learn to lovingly communicate with your partner, about how they can meet your needs and you can meet theirs. 

After her own journey from not enjoying sex in the past to becoming a sexually fulfilled sexpert, Lyuba is deeply passionate about empowering women to connect to their sexuality. She has developed a 90-day program called “Sexually Empowered Woman”.  

Having learned from Tao Master Mantak Chia, Source School of Tantra, Somatica, and the Human Awareness Institute, Lyuba marries multiple disciplines together in her work.  

Lyuba sees clients in her San Diego, CA office and Online via Zoom. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: