Gretchen is a dating coach, trained in the Somatica Sex and Relationship method, who helps people find greater joy in intimacy.

Until her early 40s, Gretchen struggled with dating. She had only had sex a handful of times, and felt undesirable and unattractive. Years of talk therapy couldn’t shift the beliefs she had about herself. Then she got help from an intimacy coach and somatic bodyworker. She reset her body image issues, learned to confidently tap into her sexy side, and approach dating, sex, and all of her relationships with greater ease and enjoyment.

Now she gets great satisfaction as a dating coach, helping others rewrite their stories around sex, intimacy, dating, and relationships. So they too can have the kind of experiences and connections they’ve always wanted.

Regardless of what your relationship goals are – monogamous marriage, polyamory, a single life with lots of dating fun, or anything in between – Gretchen is uniquely qualified and excited to help you get there!

Gretchen sees clients in her Seattle, WA office and online over Skype. If you’re interested in seeing her, just fill out below form: