Yej is a women’s relationship & intimacy coach in Seattle, Washington. She received her BA in Psychology, is a certified, trauma-informed yoga instructor, and a lifelong student of movement and dance.   

The first 14 years of her life, she spent in a religious cult. She was told that sex outside of marriage was the ultimate sin and would land her a one-way ticket to hell. Even with this dire  warning, she was drawn to intimacy and connection, and decided to pursue a life outside of religion.

Like many of us, Yej entered into the sexual arena blind and confused – and suffered greatly for it. She experienced deep shame and guilt, struggling with boundaries and communication. Though she went through difficult and dark times, she knew there was more to sex and intimacy, and embarked on a journey of exploration. She experimented with different relationship structures such as polyamory, open relationships and monogamy. Learning to work with and process her relationship anxiety, she explored kink, BDSM, ecosexuality and more.

Her path eventually led her to the Somatica Institute. Yej now works with women of all backgrounds, helping them feel more empowered and comfortable in their sexuality. She is also firmly rooted in the belief that each person’s sexuality is deeply personal and unique to them. And despite the negative social messaging around sex, Yej chooses to believe that intimacy has infinite   potential to be a portal for healing, strength, play, and creativity.

Yej currently works with clients online only. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: