Jessica is a relationship, creativity and sex coach in Santa Cruz, California. She is dedicated to supporting people in awakening their sexuality and igniting their passion and creativity. Her work is grounded in the belief that erotic energy is the pulse beating beneath vitality, productivity, and creativity.

Where many people see sex as an obligation, or an indulgence reserved for those who have more time or less responsibilities, Jessica prioritizes pleasure. She helps her clients become better partners, inspired artists, compassionate managers, and patient parents — more expansive, realized version of themselves — by helping them connect with their erotic expression.

She brings 20 years of interdisciplinary art-making as well as a certification in the Somatica Sex and Relationship coaching method to her work with artists, innovators, executives, parents, and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re on a personal journey of enhancing erotic pleasure, or are hoping to bring more energy and excitement into your sexual encounters, Jessica is dedicated to supporting you along the way.

Jessica finds special joy in supporting mothers and birthing people. From the wild first months of the postpartum period into the balancing act of raising older kids, she guides them in pursuing their own professional and artistic dreams. A breast cancer survivor herself, she supports individuals in connecting to their sexuality during treatment, recovery, and remission phases of cancer care.

Jessica sees clients in Santa Cruz, CA, as well as online. Fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: