Georgie is a Somatic Sex, Relationship and Intimacy Coach in Edinburgh, dedicated to helping clients deepen their understanding of themselves and get grounded in pleasure and authentic connection. She believes that developing a sense of self through tools of consent, boundaries, and core desires is the key to sex worth having.

With a pleasure-centric focus, Georgie works with clients to take the shame out of desire and turn-ons, and to unabashedly uncover their most authentic selves. She uses an experimental approach to teach tools of intimacy that help deepen connection, eroticism, and pleasure in oneself and in partnership. During sessions, clients will learn how to turn from overthinking and overanalyzing towards listening to and being grounded in the body. 

Georgie has worked as a sex educator for 7 years, leading panels on BDSM, sex work, and gender diversity. She received her MSc in Psychology from the University of St Andrews, with her dissertation on kink and BDSM. 

Besides individual and couples coaching, Georgie leads support groups for survivors of sexual violence in St Andrews, Scotland, and holds sexual education panels online through the Center for Positive Sexuality in Los Angeles. Georgie is a part of the LGBTQ+ community herself, and is passionate about taking the shame and obscurity out of queer sex.

Georgie is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and sees individuals and clients internationally online. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: