Dalia is passionate about helping people embrace their sexuality to the fullest and release the shame that can exist around our sexuality. She offers her support and compassion to her clients because she has faced her own shame and shut-down in the process of moving towards a life of erotic freedom and embodiment. Her kind and loving presence create a safe space for individuals and couples to explore relationship, sexual, and communication dynamics.

She earned her Master’s degree in Holistic Counseling Psychology, which informs her perspective that individuals are whole beings shaped through their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences. By acknowledging and working with all of these realms, Dalia’s unique approach offers the opportunity for empowered transformation. In addition, she has training in attachment theory, which explores how adult intimate relationships reflect early infant/childhood experiences and is also training in the Hakomi Method.

Dalia is a Certified Practitioner in the Somatica Method of sex and relationship coaching. The Somatica Method has been instrumental in transforming Dalia’s life as she once believed she was not a sexual person and was shameful about her sexuality. She deeply understands and empathizes with individuals experiencing a low sex-drive, dissociative behaviors, or emotional overwhelm when engaging in sexual intimacy, and offers her own journey of transformation as inspiration to her clients.

Her experience with Somatica has empowered her to listen to her body’s cues, cultivate her self-worth, and invites space for desire, movement, and pleasure. She wishes the same for all her clients. Her sessions offer mindful, somatic (body-based) experiential practices wherein clients can integrate a new relationship with their bodies and sexuality and live liberated and pleasurable lives.

Dalia sees clients in Washington, DC and online. Fill out this form if you’re interested in seeing her: