It has been profound for me to discover the character strategies that I have been using

I was really surprised by the way in which these strategies play out in my life. Working through unearthing the way in which my life has been impacted by these strategies and then experiencing the compassion of a practitioner in connection to me in regards to the character strategies I have been using, gave me a deeper understanding of how to extend that same compassion to myself and my clients. To have a palpable experience with active compassion in that way, caused me to recognize how easily I can be generously compassionate with other people, but until I let myself receive it from another I wasn’t able to know how to give it to myself. Beyond that, relationships that had road blocks to connection, like the one with my ex-husband, shifted substantially through having a deeper understanding of the strategies we both use that are built out of response to early childhood wounds. My compassion towards him has increased. It’s like concentric circles towards deeper connection and intimacy.

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