Working with Danielle has saved my marriage and enhanced every aspect of my life!  I can’t recommend Danielle highly enough for sex and relationship coaching.  Danielle has helped me get my groove back in a big way.

Due to long-term, below the surface relationship problems, my wife and I had lost our intimate connection and our sex life was non-existent.  After years of this, I had lost all confidence as a man.

Danielle helped us identify and work through these problems and understand each other to a degree that we never have before.  I feel like a new and vastly improved person.  I’m confident and happy again both in my relationship with my wife and with myself.

The therapy hasn’t always been easy.  Danielle will challenge you to examine your thoughts and feelings which can be uncomfortable, but she is supportive throughout the process and downright brilliant with her perspective, observations and suggestions for improved intimacy and sex.

My wife and I are fortunate to have found Danielle.  We have reestablished and are maintaining an intimate connection that I once feared was lost and we are having BIG FUN in and out of the bedroom!   We deserve some of the credit, but we couldn’t have done it without Danielle.

, Web Client