Adam loves helping people discover what they want in intimate relationships and erotic expression – regardless of the cultural scripts they’ve been taught about how relationships and sexuality are supposed to look. He never tells anyone what they should want. Instead, Adam is committed to empowering clients to live more fully inside their own desire.

His reliable, open-hearted presence makes him adept at helping his clients feel safe enough to explore the domain of intimacy and sexuality. He is also passionate about empowering people to transform conflict in their relationships into greater intimacy, love, and desire.

Adam celebrates the erotic energy in all the desires of his clients – even those society views as dark, weird, or shameful. He knows from his own journey how liberating it can be when we’re able to embrace our own unique erotic makeup, especially any aspects of it we’ve been taught to reject.

For over a decade, Adam has supported the growth of thousands of people through his one-on-one coaching, courses, workshops, and retreats in North America and Europe. After experiencing a profound opening in his own erotic energy, as a result of his work with the Somatica Institute, he felt called to shift the focus of his spiritual coaching and teaching to embrace the Somatica Method. Adam also teaches a four-month online course, focusing on erotic embodiment & intimacy.

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