Alisa is an Intimacy and Relationship Coach, guiding individuals and couples globally on their  journey towards deeply fulfilling relationships and ecstatic sex. Alisa’s own experiences with challenging and traumatic life events have shaped her empathetic and non-judgmental  approach, as she understands the healing power of being seen and accepted unconditionally. 

Alisa creates a safe and collaborative space, allowing you to freely explore, while feeling understood and supported in your journey. She believes the parts of ourselves we  fear the most can hold the greatest power and potential. With empathy and attunement, she  guides you through the territory of shame, celebrating and embracing suppressed aspects of  yourself.  

She will support you in tapping into your own inner power to unfold, accept, and integrate all parts of yourself, and shape you into your most authentic and erotic version of yourself. To further embrace your truest self, Alisa will equip you with the tools  of intimacy for genuine connection, increased joy, and heightened pleasure in your relationships with  yourself and others. 

Alisa is a Certified Somatica® Sex and Relationship Coach, holds a Masters degree in Clinical  Psychology and is a co-founder of The Yum School of Tantra. Her knowledge of psychology combined with her experience to hold sacred tantric spaces influence her unique and holistic take on the Somatica® Method.

Alisa particularly enjoys working with expats, nomads and intercultural couples, offering  courage, compassion, and guidance as they embrace their authentic selves and cultivate self-love,  more fulfilling relationships, and greater embodied power. 

Alisa works with clients globally and online, and can hold sessions in English or German. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: