Amanda provides experiential sex & intimacy coaching, as well as group facilitation, to help get you out of your head and into your body. Her focus is to assist as you explore what connects you to your pleasure, and allows you to step into your power.

As a social worker for the last 15 years, Amanda brings years of therapeutic experience to create a multidisciplinary approach. Her field work includes domestic violence, sexual assault, addiction, family & children’s services, and hospice.

Amanda serendipitously landed in the Somatica Training after a string of painful and confusing relationships. She has since made it a priority to explore her own pleasure, needs, and power. As a result of her Somatica work, Amanda feels empowered in desire, playfulness, triggers, and boundaries. Most significantly, it has changed the way she shows up for herself, for those around her, and how she carries herself in the world. Amanda’s goals include to demystify, de-shamify, and abolish judgement around sex & intimacy – and to do so in a way that makes clients feel safe and held.

Some things you may work on in a session with Amanda:

  • reconnecting to your body and intuition
  • discovering/exploring your desire
  • integrating pleasure into your everyday life
  • finding and embracing boundaries
  • releasing shame and old patterns that no longer serve you
  • creating new thoughts/behaviors/energy

Amanda holds degrees in Social Science and Organizational Leadership from Chapman University, as well as a Masters in Social Work from CSU Stanislaus. She has completed the Somatica Institute Somatica Training program on Sex, Intimacy, and Relationship Coaching, as well as Somatica Couples and Character Strategy Training.

Amanda sees clients in Santa Cruz, CA. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: