Polly is a certified Somatica intimacy and relationship coach in Sydney, Australia. With empathy and vulnerability, she brings a creative approach to her clients that allows them to explore their sexuality, uncover the blockers to developing deep intimate relationships, and discovering their core desires.

It was Polly’s own Somatica journey – understanding her boundaries and overcoming her sexual shame – that led her to become a sex, relationship and intimacy coach. Polly is now passionate about helping her clients conquer their issues too. She helps them face those deeply-held fears that are holding them back from embracing their sexuality, tapping into pleasure, or having the relationships they desire.

Specializing in couples – those in both new and long-term relationships – Polly supports them in building greater intimacy, feeling confident in setting boundaries, and lovingly asking for what they want and need. She helps them recognize how past traumas have impacted previous relationships, teaches strategies to move beyond them, and helps them connect in a loving and sensual way.

Polly particularly loves working with women over 40 and post-partum to help them tap into their erotic energy. She is there for you with courage and compassion to help you embrace this stage of life and move from self-criticism to self-love, have more fulfilling relationships and greater embodied power.

Polly holds a Bachelor degree, Honors in Psychology and two Masters degrees in Communication and Business Management. She uses this extensive knowledge to help her clients tap into their negative, sabotaging thoughts, find where they manifest in the body, and allow the real embodied healing to happen.

Polly works with individuals and couples internationally online, and in-person in Sydney, Australia. Scroll down and fill out the form below if you’re interested in seeing her: