How to Get Your Sex Coach Certification

Change your career & become a Certified Sex & Relationship Coach. Get certified fully online, or combine it with an optional 5-day in-person Immersion Retreat!

Have you always been driven to help people achieve more fulfilling sex lives and relationships?

Are you ready to replace your monotonous 9-to-5 with a rewarding career that helps people unlock more pleasure and intimacy, and form deeper connections in the bedroom?

Enjoy the flexibility and satisfaction of becoming a certified sex coach. By pursuing a sex coach certification, you can start a new career, or better differentiate your practice, and establish yourself as a trustworthy expert while helping clients achieve their full erotic potential.

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Why Should You Get Your Sex Coach Certification?

Sex coaches are in high demand as more people embrace the importance of sex to lasting relationships and personal satisfaction. Because most professionals don’t specialize in sex, few are qualified to effectively help clients learn, grow, and expand their sexual lives and relationships.

Taking training with a strong coaching philosophy, plus practical and experiential tools and live feedback from experienced, supportive professionals is the key to becoming a knowledgeable, aware, and capable coach. Certification is essential to demonstrate you’ve successfully undergone the process.

Becoming certified won’t just show you have the qualifications — it will prepare you with the tools to become an empathetic and masterful coach.

What Is the Difference Between Sex Coach Licensing and Certification?

A sex coach license doesn’t exist. That’s why coaching programs like Somatica have their own internal certification processes. They validate that their students have successfully passed the course and can begin seeing clients.

Highly regarded institutions, such as Somatica, offer additional certification from industry-recognized certifying bodies. For example, graduates of the full Somatica Sex & Relationship Coach Certification Training who successfully complete all 300 hours of the program are also recognized by the American Board of Sexology (ABS) as certified sexologists.

Couple in session with a certified sex coach

Why Choose Somatica For Your Sex Coach Certification?

Ready to turn your aspirations of becoming a sex coach into a reality? Somatica offers a renowned certification program, opening up new and exciting careers to its graduates:

1. A Fully Online Certification Program

We’ve moved our training fully online to welcome anyone around the globe to become certified. After completing the program, graduates can embark on a fulfilling new career from the comfort of their homes — no matter where they live — without costly travel and lodging.

2. An Invitation to Somatica’s Referral Network

The first steps toward building a practice can be daunting. Somatica Institute has helped many professionals build thriving careers by offering graduates the opportunity to become a part of our referral network — so they have a head start at securing new clients.

3. Ongoing Support and Continuing Education

Once certified, graduates become part of an elite group of practitioners. You gain access to vital peer support, as well as faculty support on client cases. You’ll also be eligible to participate in advanced supervision sessions and mastery classes.

4. Accreditations & Name Recognition to Build Trust with Clients

As we grow the Somatica community, we work tirelessly to maintain the integrity of our certification through accreditations from renowned organizations like The American Board of Sexology (ABS). We are also members of an elite group of CAMFT Approved CE Providers. This allows us to provide licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) and licensed professional clinical counselors (LPCC) continuing education units (CE’s), making Somatica a trusted training provider.

5. A Community of Supportive Professionals

Become part of the close-knit, highly interactive Somatica alumni community where you can reach out any time for everything from client consultations to warm friendships. Somatica alumni emotionally support each other, collaborate with one-another, and cross-refer clients. You never have to do it all alone again.

6. We Teach a Method Based on Proven Science & Research

Many sexuality-related coaching programs have sprouted up in recent years – yet only very few have a coherent scientific foundation. Even fewer are based on proven methods, shown to be effective in helping people overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of successful intimacy and well-rounded sex lives. The Somatica Method is not only drawing on established principles and techniques from psychology, neuroscience and philosophy – it has created an entirely unique and innovative process.

  • Tomas

    I’ve taken four coaching programs during the past few years, and Somatica is by far the most potent and valuable.

    There’s a new wave happening in the world of counseling and sex coaching – and Celeste and Danielle are on the cutting edge of that wave. Working and studying with them has been an exhilarating experience of surfing that wave. The Somatica® Method is nothing less than a revolutionary new approach that’s turning the field of sex and relationship coaching upside down and right side up. I feel lucky to have studied with Celeste and Danielle, the master artisans of this new approach. Be forewarned, Somatica is not for those who want to coach from the sidelines. It’s for those who are ready to jump into the deep end of the pool and call forward the most vulnerable parts of both themselves and their clients to be transformed, healed and reborn – in partnership. It has changed the way I think about sex and relationships, and transformed my approach to coaching.

What Does the Certification Process Involve?

Every program’s certification pathways are unique. The Somatica sex coach certification involves:

  • Completing six core modules, which include 90 hours of interactive training, engaging homework assignments, practice exercises, and assigned readings.
  • Participating in 12 experiential practice sessions with other students, clients, friends, colleagues, and/or partners outside of class.
  • Study two or more specializations choose the topics and populations that interest you the most and learn how to work with them effectively.
  • Completing two advanced modules, which includes in-depth training with Celeste & Danielle, the Somatica Founders, to master your core coaching skills.
  • Passing the final exam, where our examiners will evaluate a recorded client session.

At the Somatica Institute, we go to great lengths to ensure you are equipped to deal with various issues around relationships and sexuality. You will leave our Sex Coach Certification program with a systematic approach to working with clients.

How Do I Know if a Sex Coach Certification Program is Worth its Value?

There are dozens of institutions offering certifications to aspiring sex coaches. Not all of them will prepare you to be a masterful, ethical, confident, and sought-after practitioner.

Here are some features to look out for when you’re searching for the best sex coach certification program that will truly be worth your valuable time and investment:

  • Engagement with a coaching faculty as opposed to passive video watching. Whether the certification training is online or in person, make sure it’s interactive and experiential. You should be able to form meaningful relationships with your instructors, group leaders, mentors, and other students. Your teachers should be able to track your progress and provide supervision and real-time feedback on your coaching skills.
  • The certification training is based on tried-and-true methods. In Somatica’s certification training, you learn the Somatica Method, which combines up-to-date neuroscientific research with somatic practices. Coaching and therapeutic communities have moved toward somatic methods because of their proven effectiveness. Somatica coaches are consistently receiving positive feedback from clients about how much their lives and relationships have changed for the better.
  • A comprehensive certification process that tests your learned skills. A desire to help people is one thing, but having the training and education to guide your clients through their personal transformations is another. Make sure your sex coach certification program gives you ample opportunity to participate in real-time sessions and built-in observations so you can gain valuable coaching experience.
  • There is a testing component. The final certification test should allow you to demonstrate your practical skills with a client— not just report about them.