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We Are Focused on Fostering a Vibrant Community
Of Students and Alumni That Values
Inclusion, Diversity, and Connection.

What Does It Mean to Be Part of the Somatica Community?

1. Become Part of the Private Facebook Group That Is Only Open To Somatica Alumni

In this group, alumni share resources, spread the word about their workshops and ideas, find collaborators, offer peer supervision and so much more. It is a very active group with over 300 members.

2. Create Deep Bonds and Relationships That Last a Lifetime

Because the program is based on profound sharing and emotional connection, people create durable friendships with their fellow students and program alumni. The support they receive from each other is unparalleled because Somatica graduates possess the tools of self-awareness, profound empathy, and emotional intelligence.

Somatica Community Friendships

3. Join Somatica’s Immersion Retreat

Once or twice a year, the Somatica Institute offers a 5-day Immersion Retreat, exclusively open to graduates. In these intensives, alumni practice the hands-on tools of Somatica, network, and attend events together. It’s a chance to celebrate and bond with the larger Somatica community.

4. Feel at Home Wherever You Go

Somatica has a vibrant, close-knit alumni network that stretches around the world. If you are visiting or moving to a different location, you can tap into this existing community of like-minded people. Being connected to this global culture, you always feel welcomed and have a much easier time finding the resources you need to start your practice.

Somatica Community Hangout

5. Become a Leader in Somatica

In the Somatica Training, you learn how to be an amazing coach and successful entrepreneur. To continue to grow and stretch your skillset, the Somatica Institute offers some unique leadership opportunities, like learning to guide a group of students over the course of a full training. Overcome your fears and step into your most confident self by challenging yourself to become a group leader.

Ready to Become Part of the Somatica Community?


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