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We Are Focused on Fostering a Vibrant Community
Of Students and Alumni That Values
Inclusion, Diversity, and Connection.

One of the best parts of being a Somatica student is the thriving community that you get to join. Comprised of passionate and diverse alumni from all around the world, the community shares one common goal: to help more people unlock their full sexual and relationship potential through pleasure.

What Is The Somatica Community?

As a Somatica graduate, you’re invited to join a private Facebook group that includes hundreds of alumni who share resources, spread the word about their workshops and ideas, find collaborators, offer peer supervision, attend events together, and so much more.

It’s one of the best ways to make vital connections for growing your client list, accessing new opportunities in the industry, and forging deep friendships in the community. 

Somatica Community Friendships

Why Join The Somatica Community?

Create Deep Bonds and Relationships That Last a Lifetime

Because the Somatica sex and relationship coach training program is based on profound sharing and emotional connection, students naturally create deep friendships with their fellow students. 

And because Somatica’s close-knit alumni network spans the whole world, you know you’ll find a like-minded friend wherever you go. 

Join Somatica’s Immersion Retreats

Every year, the Somatica Institute offers a five-day immersion retreat, only open to alumni. You’ll get to practice the hands-on Somatica tools, network, and celebrate the your  community. Sign up for the next one here

Grow as a Somatica Leader

To continue to grow and stretch your skillset, the Somatica Institute offers leadership training and opportunities to members of its community. By becoming a group leader, and guiding and mentoring other students through the Core and Advanced curriculums, you’ll step into your most confident self. Some graduates have even gone on to teach the Core Training or a Somatica Mastery Class!

Become Part of the Somatica Community 

Excited to join our community? Enroll in the next Somatica Training today!


Join us and Master the Art of Transformation Through Pleasure™.
Become an in-demand Sex & Relationship Coach
and watch your own life transform in the process.

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