2024 Somatica Immersion Retreat

You’re Invited to a Five-Day In-Person Immersion Retreat: October 3-7, 2024

Are you ready to take your Somatica training to the next level by practicing all the embodied, experiential, and touch-based tools you’ve learned and getting real-time feedback?

Or, maybe you’re interested in connecting with the beautiful Somatica community to bond, network, and bask in that deepened limbic resonance that happens when we’re all in the same space?

Join the 2024 Somatica Immersion Retreat, and you will experience it all — and more! You’ll not only leave as a more skilled sex and relationship coach, but also gain lifelong friendships and memories.

What Will You Learn and Practice?

At this five-day, in-person immersion retreat, you’ll dive deep into the joy and playfulness of intimacy by learning how to:

  • Navigate boundaries (yours and your clients’) during in-person coaching
  • Create a warm, safe environment to help your clients practice sensual touch and learn the touch-based tools of seduction
  • Explore your Hottest Sexual Movie — and help your clients do the same
  • Communicate clearly around boundaries and consent, so you can make sure your clients are enthusiastically participating in any touch-based exercises
  • Work through and share whatever arises emotionally for your clients and yourself when touch is involved
  • Tackle any possible triggers as they arise
  • Step into your erotic confidence and pleasure when coaching face-to-face
  • Explore your growing edges and gain valuable insights offered by your fellow Somatica practitioners

You’ll also have time to network, make new personal and professional connections, and nurture old ones.

Who is it for?

  • Somatica coaches who want to experience personal growth in the sex and relationship realm.
  • Somatica graduates interested in cultivating relationships with the Somatica community.
  • Somatica coaches who want to get in-depth, hands-on practice in the Somatica Method.
  • Pamela Joy

    How is it possible that Somatica just keeps getting so much better, the more I learn and practice it? Just WOW!

    I found that in the Core Training, I was able to really explore my own personal relationship to various aspects of my sexuality, which transformed my marriage and my life. This exploration was crucial to having a personal understanding of what it’s like to do this work. In year 2, I was just starting to see clients, and found the Advanced Training gave me the ability to know what they needed to work on next and helped me feel authentically connected to them in the process. This made my work so much more efficient and effective. I was thrilled to be able to apply new insights immediately into my client sessions.

Retreat Details


The 2024 Somatica Immersion Retreat is only offered to students who have previously completed the Core Curriculum of the Somatica Training (the first six modules). It’s open those interested in personal growth, as well as to practitioners who want to get in-depth, hands-on practice in the Somatica Method .

Dates and Location

When: October 3-7, 2024.

Hours: Check-in begins at noon on the 3rd (lunch is at 1 pm). The training will end at 3 pm on Monday, October 7th.

Where: Mandala Springs Wellness Retreat Center in Cobb, Northern California.

During lunch and in the evenings, you’ll also have time to explore the gorgeous campus and join in activities like swimming, hiking, dancing, lounging in hammocks, and more.


Tuition is $2,400, plus $850 for room and board ($3,250 total), which includes four nights of accommodations and 13 scrumptious, vegetarian meals.

Tuition for students who participated in earlier immersions is $1,300, plus $850 for room and board ($2,150).

A $200 early bird discount applies if you’re registering and paying in full before June 30, 2024.

A $850 non-refundable deposit is required at registration to hold your spot. We also offer payment plans and are happy to set you up with one.

Somatica Community Friendships

Refund Policy

If you choose to withdraw from the retreat 45 days or more before the first day of the program, you will be refunded all tuition paid except for your non-refundable $850 tuition deposit. If you choose to withdraw from the training for any reason less than 45 days before the first day of the program, you will be responsible for the full tuition. If you are on a payment plan and have not yet paid in full, you will remain legally responsible for the outstanding balance of your tuition. No exceptions will be made.

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