Become a Relationship Coach

Become a Relationship Coach

Relationships offer us some of the richest experiences. They also hit on our greatest vulnerabilities, which can make them quite challenging. So many people need help navigating the terrain of relationship – and you can help them when you become a relationship coach.

Relationship and sexuality are deeply intertwined. Working with people on sexual issues without being trained to understand the relationship dynamic means you might miss the deeper issues at play. Or, helping clients resolve emotional issues without addressing a couple’s sexual relationship often leads to a couple becoming closer – but still lacking that passionate connection.

become a relationship coach

The Somatica Core Training not only prepares you to be a great sex coach, it also teaches you how to be a relationship coach.  During the training, you will enter into a powerful, interpersonal relational process with your fellow students, group leaders, and the teachers, Celeste and Danielle. You will learn, practice and embody the essential and powerful tools of relating: vulnerability, mutual empathy, acceptance, and repair.

Whether you already have your own coaching or therapy practice, or you are embarking on a new career. Somatica will prepare you with an extensive tool set you can bring into a professional relationship coaching practice right away.

The Somatica Core Training is for you if…

  • You are passionate about helping people have a better life and sexier, more successful relationships.
  • You are ready to embrace your dreams and embark on a fulfilling coaching career.
  • Being in deep interpersonal connections is something you love, and you can extend empathy and care to people’s most tender fears and desires.
  • You are someone who is curious about what makes people tick, especially when it comes to relationships and sex.
  • You have had some of your own relationship successes and challenges, and you know that learning and growth is possible in the realm of relationship.

When you take the Somatica Core Training to become a relationship coach, you will inevitably transform your own relationships – read all about your personal transformation as well!

Somatica - More Than Just Sex Coaching

When sexual problems come up in couples sessions, they are almost always completely intertwined with core issues within the relationship. Following my certification in the Somatica Method, it is clear both in my private practice and work as faculty at the Somatica Institute, how the training consciously deals directly with those intersections.
A training in sex coaching alone wouldn’t have given me the tools that are essential to help couples go through the deep transformations they are willing to embark on. By addressing not just the sexual desires, but also the relationship dynamics around sex, Somatica deals directly with the intricacies that happen in intimate partnership.
The Somatica Method is a modality that trains you to authentically dive into the barriers to sexual intimacy that we all come up against in relationship. This work has become an integral part of my life and an invaluable contribution to my work - I couldn’t be more grateful.

Jaime, Core Training, 2016
Nevada City, CA

What Will I Be Able to Offer My Clients as a Relationship Coach?

  • Secure attachment and greater self-expression in relationships.
  • Relationship repair: how challenging moments of tension in relationships can not only be resolved, but be the catalyst for deeper intimacy and trust.
  • A way to express themselves vulnerably, helping them connect with people in every area of their lives.
  • Resilience in facing the fears that paralyze them – including fear of disappointment, abandonment, loss, and rejection
  • A way to relate to others’ needs and boundaries without feeling pressure or rejection.
  • Perspective: a realistic view of what they can (and cannot) get out of a relationship – so they don’t miss out on all of the potential gifts they can receive.

Become a Relationship Coach – Practice Connected Relating

To become the most effective relationship coach, you need to practice the tools of connected relating every day. When you live in a commitment to staying in connection, you also teach others to do the same. As a Somatica sex and relationship coach, you will engage with your clients in safe, supportive relationships. These will demonstrate how to be in an authentic, loving, and honest connection.

By using the tools you learn in Somatica, you can lead by example and demonstrate to your clients it is ok to be themselves. You will help them develop self-love and self-acceptance by showing them what it’s like to share yourself openly. Also – sharing yourself vulnerably and taking ownership of mistakes will teach your clients to do the same.

Somatica has been invaluable in helping me build a thriving practice

Somatica has had a profound effect on my life, both personally and professionally. I have learned and integrated deeper levels of love, connection, and compassion with myself and others through this work. As a result, all of my relationships have benefited and transformed for the better. The training has also given me the tools to be the best and most impactful practitioner and teacher I can be and have been invaluable in helping me build a thriving practice.

Kai, Somatica Core Training, 2013
San Francisco, CA

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