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As the global leader in sex and relationship coach training, the Somatica Institute has helped hundreds of students create a fulfilling, lucrative, transformative, and freedom-filled professional career.

Celeste Hirschman and Danielle Harel

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Join us and master the art of Transformation Through Pleasure™.
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Imagine helping people transform their lives through the most powerful tool available — pleasure. 

You can help create a more sex-positive world and pursue a rewarding, lucrative career by joining Somatica Institute’s sex and relationship coach training program.

You’ll be immersed in a holistic method that will transform your clients’ lives, as well as your own, empowering them with the knowledge and tools they need to experience mind-blowing sex and profoundly fulfilling relationships. 

Who We Are

In 2010, Dr. Danielle Harel, PhD, and Celeste Hirschman, MA, set out to change how we think about sex and relationships and founded the Somatica Institute, a leader in sex and relationship coach training and certification.

Somatica has since helped hundreds of students build thriving coaching and somatic sexology practices that have touched the lives of thousands around the globe. Read our story.

What Is Somatic Sexology?

Somatic sexology blends leading neuroscience research with holistic body-based modalities to help people improve their sexual health, deepen intimate relationships, and enable personal growth. This is made possible through touch, sound, movement, breath, and mindful practices that replace the existing habits currently inhibiting clients from unlocking the gratifying life, rich with love and erotic pleasure they desire.

What Is the Somatica Method? 

The Somatica Method combines talk-based coaching with more experiential, hands-on practices to help you learn the techniques for drawing deeper mind-body connections in others.

How Can Somatica Transform Your Life? 

Our programs are designed for existing and aspiring practitioners from different backgrounds who are ready to help others achieve transformational growth.

Aspiring Sex and Relationship Coaches

Somatica offers three training sessions in one. Because sexual and relationship issues are intertwined, Somatica teaches you how to help your clients with both. Additionally, it includes business training so that you can launch your lucrative career!

Already-Licensed Professionals

Gain expert tools to better support your clients through sexual and emotional intimacy concerns — while receiving CE’s.

Individuals Seeking Personal Growth

You don’t have to be a licensed professional or want to pursue a career as a sex and relationship coach — Somatica offers a self-love workshop for those interested in expanding their own intimacy skills.

We are proud of our alumni – movers, shakers, and influencers who make the world a better, sexier place. 

Clear Filters
Miranda Rae Mayo
Miranda Rae Mayo

Primetime TV actress on NBC’s hit show “Chicago Fire”. Performance artist. Powerhouse event producer.
Graduated in 2021.

Emily Morse
Emily Morse

Best-selling author, radio host, and podcast producer of ‘Sex With Emily’. Featured in the NYT and as ‘Master Class’ teacher on Sex and Communication. Graduated in 2016.

Maurizio & Zaya Benazzo
Maurizio & Zaya Benazzo

Founders of ‘Science and Non-Duality’.
Filmmakers of the documentary
‘The Wisdom of Trauma’.
Graduated in 2018.

William Winters
William Winters

Bay area polyamory and sex-positive community leader. Creator of the ‘Bonobo Network’. Profiled in the NYT & San Francisco Chronicle. Graduated in 2016.

Amy Baldwin
Amy Baldwin

Creator and host of the ‘Shameless Sex’ podcast, featured in Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Huffington Post, GQ, and Maxim. Graduated in 2016.

Amanda Blumenthal
Amanda Blumenthal

Pioneering intimacy coordinator for film and TV, including ‘Euphoria’, ‘The L Word’, and ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. 
Graduated in 2016.

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