Become a Sexologist with the Somatica® Sex & Relationship Coach Certification

As the global leader in sex and relationship coach training, the Somatica Institute has helped hundreds of students create a fulfilling, lucrative, transformative, and freedom-filled professional career.

Celeste and Danielle

The Next Somatica Certification Training Begins October 25, 2024!

Let pleasure be your guide to an exciting new career. Become an in-demand sex & relationship coach and watch your own life transform in the process.

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Become a pleasure-based sex & relationship coach with the Somatica Institute

Celeste and Danielle

Who We Are

In 2010, Dr. Danielle Harel, PhD, and Celeste Hirschman, MA, set out to change how we think about sex and relationships and founded the Somatica Institute, a leader in sex and relationship coach training and certification.

Somatica has since helped hundreds of students build thriving coaching and somatic sexology practices that have touched the lives of thousands around the globe. Read our story.

What is Somatic Sexology?

Somatic sexology blends leading neuroscience research with holistic body-based modalities to help people improve their sexual health, deepen intimate relationships, and enable personal growth. This is made possible through touch, sound, movement, breath, and mindful practices that replace the existing habits currently inhibiting clients from unlocking the gratifying life, rich with love and erotic pleasure they desire.

What is the Somatica Method?

The Somatica Method combines talk-based coaching with more experiential, hands-on practices to help you learn the techniques for drawing deeper mind-body connections in others.

How can Somatica Transform Your Life?

Our programs are designed for existing and aspiring practitioners from different backgrounds who are ready to help others achieve transformational growth.

Somatica Immersion students

Meet Our Notable Somatica Alumni

We are proud of our alumni – movers, shakers, and influencers who make the world a better, sexier place.

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