Congrats to Somatica Graduate Emily Morse!

We are so delighted to congratulate our Somatica Training graduate, Emily Morse, on her success in teaching a Master Class on sex and communication, as well as being featured in a New York Times profile! (Twice!)

Years ago, when we first started out as sex and relationship coaches, we joined Emily on her radio show. At that time, she was a host on San Francisco’s biggest radio station, Alice. All three of us immediately bonded and continued to support each other’s work over the years.

We watched Emily expand her work, creating the brilliant podcast “Sex with Emily” that has reached and helped so many grow and thrive in their sexual lives. We stayed connected with her as we founded and built the Somatica Institute and have been frequent guests on her podcast, talking about multiple orgasms, why you need a sex coach, and our book Coming Together.

Celeste and Danielle on the Sex with Emily Podcast

The Power of the Somatica Community

In 2016, we invited Emily to join our professional training at the Somatica Institute. She’s been raving about it ever since.

In this article she shares what the training taught her: “Through Somatica, I learned that we trap so many emotions and feelings in our bodies and once you can learn to move in a way and feel your body, you can release so many of the negative thoughts and constructs that hold us back from really being sensual, erotic beings.”

In a recent visit, we were able to pull Emily aside and get the scoop on her core desires. If you are wondering what ignites Emily’s own passions, check out our exclusive interview with her:

Emily continues to stay connected to and even collaborates with members of the Somatica Community. She wrote the foreword to another of our graduate’s books, Living an Orgasmic Life, by Xanet Pailet, and has talked with Somatica alumni Pamela Joy Costa about open relationships and married sex on her podcast.

We couldn’t be more proud of Emily’s work in this world. And we feel so blessed to have her as part of the Somatica family!

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