Somatic Coaching Curriculum

What is the Somatic Coaching Curriculum?

Whether you’re considering taking the Somatica Core Training for personal growth or professional development, your somatic coaching curriculum is the same.


Fully Embrace Your Sexuality

You will be introduced to a large erotic menu and identify what you would like to try. By developing your understanding of how arousal and desire work, you will be able to pass these skills and vocabulary on to your clients. You will move beyond the idea that sex should just happen – and approach sex as something to cultivate on an ongoing basis. Through that, you can – and help your clients – create a sex life that is truly fulfilling.

Discover, Explore, and Understand Your Unique Sexual Template

The Core Training will let you dive into a process of understanding how your own sexuality was shaped. You will find out about the 3 kinds of sex and the main ingredients that make sex hot. You will discover your specific core emotional needs around sexuality and how to create erotic situations that satisfy those needs. Also, you will learn to support your fellow students and clients in discovering their sexual template as well.

Women: Become Emotionally and Sexually Empowered

In order to become sexually empowered, women need to move beyond their negative socialization around sexuality. They need to reclaim and revitalize their emotional and erotic selves. As a woman, you will learn to embody your sexuality so you can feel empowered in the world and relationships. You will also learn how to best support women in expressing their needs and feelings. Finally, you will learn about women’s psychological and physiological arousal including warm-up and the 3 pathways to women’s orgasm and how to make them most intense.

Men: Become Emotionally and Sexually Empowered

To becomeempower men empowered and feel more connected to their partners, men need to overcome their negative socialization around emotions. If you are a man, you will learn to accept yourself and your own, embodied desires. You will learn to walk in the world confidently – as opposed to shut down or “creepy”. You will support men in becoming connected and sensual lovers is a focus of some of our lessons and you will also find out how to help men have the hottest sexual experiences of their lives. Men will learn how to be true to themselves in relationships and give their partner’s what they really want emotionally and sexually.

Turn Relationship Challenges into Opportunities for Intimacy

One of the most important skills in maintaining long-term, emotionally and sexually intimate relationships is the ability to handle moments of challenge, discomfort and conflict.

Understanding the ways you have been hurt can give great insight into your triggers. It also creates empathy for the challenges of the people you love. Via our somatic coaching method, you will explore your emotional triggers, and how to respond (as opposed to react) when something is challenging or upsetting. Through awareness, self-soothing skills, and relational tools, you will learn how to vote for connection instead of protection. You will also learn how to repair your connections in the midst of the inevitable challenges and hurts that come with bravely opening yourself to love and desire.

Relational tools include sharing your feelings vulnerably as opposed to blaming, shaming or accusing. Loving listening and other connection tools to repair and deepen intimacy are essential in challenging moments. You will learn advanced techniques to balance attachment and individuation in your life, as well as help your clients to have both of these core needs met.

Somatica has landed in my body, not just my intellect. It feels part of my flesh; something that is mine now and will always be available to me

Thank you for this incredible body of work that you have created. On the day when I was set up to offer my first full session to a total stranger, I was nervous. I felt unprepared. But when I got into the session I realized that I had been exceptionally prepared: I had everything I needed. I had a whole toolbox of things to teach and share and witness. And I found that I also had access to an embodied wisdom inside of me that knew just how and why to use them. In that moment I realized how exquisitely this training had been crafted, how much care and thought and mastery has been distilled down into this set of techniques I now have in my back pocket.
I noticed that a certain attitude had been passed down to me: an open, enthusiastic curiosity about the person in front of me, and an unguarded, playful, forgiving presence in myself. Holding such an attitude about anything is an amazing feat. But to hold it about the things so culturally clamped down upon like sex, desire, shame, emotions, old wounds, etc. is revolutionary!!! I say passed down, because, the teachings have landed in my body, not just my intellect. They feel part of my flesh; something that is mine now and will always be available to me. Teaching through embodiment really works! Not only the way you teach by leading us to physically and emotionally practice but the way you manage to make yourselves, your own living structures of experience so open to us, so visible, so palpable, so available. This is how you manage to convey the philosophy of Somatica, which is this vital substrate, the context, that allows us the wisdom to know how to choose and wield these wonderful tools that are in the toolbox. Lots of trainings give out tools. Very few give this level of embodied wisdom.
Loving you for all the hours, tears, sweat and heart that have gone into this work. I can feel it.

Amanda, Somatica Core Training, 2016
Seattle, WA

Explore Embodiment and Mindfulness

The foundation of intimacy and sexuality is mindfulness – this means learning self-awareness, awareness of others, and responsiveness to your body’s needs and messages. You will be lead through experiences of embodiment, breathwork, and inhibition-releasing movement so you can more fully inhabit your body and feel your sensations, arousal and emotions.

Clarify Boundaries and Consent

Our somatic coaching teaches about the essential nature of boundaries, the importance of consent, and how they can help you create deeper trusty and intimacy. This means learning to identify your own boundaries. It also means knowing when you do and when you do not want to consent – and communicating all of this lovingly and effectively. Listening to others’ boundaries and finding out how they want to be asked for and give consent is an illuminating experience. Equally valuable is learning to stay connected – even when you feel rejection or disappointment.

Somatic CurriculumMove Beyond Shame

Shame is a force that all of us contend with in our lives. It comes up particularly strongly around sex and relationships. Exposure to it in a safe, accepting and loving container is the antidote to shame, and the Somatica Core Training offers this container. The somatic coaching method will help you move beyond shame and bring you more deeply into your body and your pleasure. Allowing you to open yourself to connection and experiencing will give you an unprecedented sense of personal freedom.

Understand Attachment and Individuation, Care for Your Inner Child

In the Somatica Method, we emphasize the balance between every person’s need for attachment (love) and individuation (acceptance). In the training, you will explore your history and patterns around attachment. You will learn how to deepen your attachment with your loved ones, and to create a healthy attachment-based relationship with your clients. See how childhood hurts shaped your attachment style, and what you need to accept and love about yourself so you can feel more secure.

Be Aware of Oppression/Privilege as They Relate to Sex and Intimacy

To connect with the vast diversity of people around you, it is essential to be aware of how power, privilege, and oppression play out in life. This is particularly apparent in sexual and intimate relationships. We will teach you how these dynamics can become part of people’s sexual desires, as well as their feelings about themselves and one another. You will become aware of your own privilege and oppression, and bring this awareness with you in your interpersonal and professional encounters.

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