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What is the Somatica Coaching Curriculum?

No matter if you’re taking the Somatica Training for personal growth or professional development – it is guaranteed to transform your own life and prepare you to be an expert coach in the field of sex and relationships.

Our experiential, in-depth, and deeply interpersonal Somatica Curriculum gives you all the tools you need to transform your life and begin your coaching practice. In the first 6 Modules you will learn:

Module 1

The Emotional Foundations

  • Community Agreements
  • Establishing Safety Within
  • Knowing Your Boundaries
  • Embodiment
  • Attunement to Self and Others
  • Empathizing and Speaking Empathy 

Module 2

Consent, Attachment, and Sharing Erotic Energy

  • Emotional Empowerment Basics (Resilience and Self-Regulation)
  • Sharing Boundaries
  • Having Consent Conversations
  • Trauma Empowerment
  • The Relationship Lab
  • Attachment and Adult Attachment
  • The Foundations of Sharing Erotic Energy
  • The 3 Dimensions of Sex

Module 3

Repair Basics, Inner Child, and Core Desires

  • The Basics of Repair
  • Shame / Deshamifying
  • Visiting With the Inner Child
  • Understanding Triggers
  • Core Desires – What Turns People On and Why

Module 4

Socialization, Identity, and Sharing Desires

  • Moving Beyond Gender Socialization
  • Awareness of Your Own and Your Client’s Identities
  • Reclaiming Full Erotic Self-Expression
  • Sharing Desires
  • Surviving Rejection
  • Disinhibition

Module 5

Enhancing Pleasure, Dating, and Dysfunction

  • Giving and Receiving
  • Meeting and Dating
  • Orgasms: Anatomy, Physiology, and Expansion
  • Exploring and Deshamifying Toys
  • The Most Common Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Sex Across the Ability Spectrum

Module 6

Hottest Sexual Movies, Repair, and Launching Your Business

  • What is Your Hottest Sexual Movie?
    • Spiritual/Earth-Based
    • Romantic
    • Passionate
    • Dominant/Submissive
  • Repair – Philosophy, and Practice
  • Business and Marketing

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What is the Somatica Advanced Training Curriculum?

After completing the Somatica Training, you will continue to the Advanced Student Training where you will fully step into your confidence as a coach. You learn how to gently and masterfully guide your clients through the steps of personal growth around sex and relationships.

Additionally, you receive personalized attention on marketing and building your practice including weekly marketing meetings, networking, and editing help. Throughout the experience, we help you identify your own growing edges as a coach so that you can be the most effective helper to your clients.

Module 1

The Emotional Foundations

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Your Certification Exam
  • Advanced Attunement, Empathy, and Celebration
  • Advanced Working with Shame
  • Getting Out of Story and Into Feelings
  • The Observation/Engagement Cycle

Module 2

Mastering Growing Edges

  • Pulling the Weeds: Working with Fear and Societal Beliefs
  • Identifying Growing Edges
    • Talking it Through
    • Diagnose While Teaching
    • Using the Countertransference
  • The Trajectory of Growing Edges: Feelings, Need, Boundaries and Capacity

Module 3

Guiding Exercises, Advanced Boundaries, Erotic Energy in Coaching, Gender Socialization

  • Mastering Guiding an Exercise
  • Flirtation/Sexual Energy/Enjoyment as Therapeutic Modalities
  • The Impact of Socialization of Girls/Women and Boys/Men
  • How to Empower People Beyond Gender Socialization – LGBT and Non-Binary Inclusive
  • Advanced Boundaries
  • Transitioning Clients and Referring Out

Module 4

Coaching Trajectories, Aging, Relationship, and Sexual Design

  • Coaching Trajectories around Specific Issues
    • Becoming a Better Lover
    • Dating
    • Low Desire
    • Sexual Dysfunctions
  • What People Need to Have Good Sex and Relationships
  • Designing The Relationship You Want – Mono, Poly, Open, Etc.
  • Kink and BDSM
  • Working with Aging

Module 5

Core Desires/Hottest Sexual Movies, Advanced Trauma Empowerment, Deeper Transformation

  • Facing Challenging Core Desires
  • Creating Nuanced Hottest Sexual Movies
  • Trauma Empowerment – Recovering from Violation
  • Deeper Transformation
    • Who’s Holding the Child?
    • Advanced Offloading
    • Becoming the Guide of Life and Relationships

Module 6

Gain Coaching Confidence & Launch Your Business + Advanced Repair

  • Untangling the Complexities of Repair
  • Launching Your Business – Marketing, Networking, Social Media, and More…
  • Perfecting the Arc of a Session – Attune, Empathize, Deshamify, Practice, Debrief, Integrate
  • Coaching Plans – Learning How to Work with Clients Over Time
Pamela Joy, Somatica Training Graduate, 2015

How is it possible that Somatica just keeps getting so much better, the more I learn and practice it? Just WOW!

I found that in the Core Training, I was able to really explore my own personal relationship to various aspects of my sexuality, which transformed my marriage and my life. This exploration was crucial to having a personal understanding of what it’s like to do this work.
In year 2, I was just starting to see clients, and found the Advanced Training gave me the ability to know what they needed to work on next and helped me feel authentically connected to them in the process. This made my work so much more efficient and effective. I was thrilled to be able to apply new insights immediately into my client sessions.

Here Are Some of the Skills You’ll Master in the Somatica Training

  • Discover, explore, and understand your unique sexual template
  • Become emotionally and sexually empowered across the gender and sexuality spectrum
  • Turn relationship challenges into opportunities for intimacy – and teach your clients step-by-step tools to do the same
  • Learn to design your relationship and sex life so it fits who you are and help your clients do the same
  • Move beyond negative socialization and fully accept yourself – whether you are cis-gender, bi, gay, lesbian, transgender, non-binary, or genderqueer.
  • Explore embodiment and mindfulness – and teach your clients these skills
  • Clarify boundaries and consent
  • Move beyond shame
  • Be aware of oppression and privilege as they relate to sex and intimacy
  • Fully embrace your sexuality – and help clients embrace theirs
  • Help your clients navigate different relationship and sexual challenges


Join us and Master the Art of Transformation Through Pleasure™.
Become an in-demand Sex & Relationship Coach using pleasure as your guide
and watch your own life transform in the process.

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