Somatica Coaching Curriculum

No matter if you’re taking the Somatica Training for professional development or developing more self-love – it is guaranteed to transform your life and prepare you to be an expert coach in the field of sex and relationships.

Our experiential, in-depth, and deeply interpersonal curriculum gives you all the tools to launch a successful, lucrative, and fulfilling coaching practice.

The Objective of the Curriculum

The Somatica Training is designed to not only teach you the skills to become a successful sex and relationship coach, but also unlock the secrets to emotional and sexual empowerment for yourself.

Throughout the Somatica training, you’ll master the tools to:

  • Explore turn-ons and embrace different desires
  • Turn relationship challenges into opportunities for intimacy 
  • Move beyond negative socialization and shame through self-acceptance
  • Deepen embodiment and mindfulness
  • Clarify boundaries and consent 
  • Discover and claim your unique identity across the gender and sexuality spectrum, whether you (or your clients) are cisgender, bi, gay, lesbian, transgender, non-binary, or genderqueer 
  • Understand oppression and privilege in sex, intimacy, and relationships
  • Become empowered around trauma by learning to understand, self-sooth, and communicate
Somatica Students in Session

The Philosophy Behind the Curriculum

The Somatica Curriculum is based on the Somatica Method. It combines talk-based coaching with experiential practices in an authentic two-way relationship so people can practice intimacy tools in real-time. This process is proven to help participants change existing habits, uncover their true selves, and find more fulfillment and pleasure in their sex lives and relationships.

The Core Somatica Training Curriculum (Modules 1-6)

The Core Curriculum is your gateway to a better understanding of sex and relationships. It is designed to give you insights into your own beliefs and gently guide you toward a more accepting and open relationship with sex and intimacy.

Throughout the curriculum you will be engaged in hands-on practice to build confidence in yourself. You’ll dig deep to identify old wounds and traumas, and learn to confront them in an honest and healthy way. Plus, you’ll connect all of these skills to become more comfortable dealing with sexuality, both in yourself and in people around you.

The Core Curriculum is designed for aspiring sex and relationship coaches, individuals seeking deeper self-love and personal growth, and licensed mental health professionals looking to build their toolkits.

Module 1

The Emotional Foundations

  • Community Agreements
  • Establishing Safety Within
  • Knowing Your Boundaries
  • Embodiment
  • Attunement to Self and Others
  • Empathizing and Speaking Empathy
  • Decompartmentalizing Sex

Module 2

Consent, Attachment, and Sharing Erotic Energy

  • Emotional Empowerment Basics (Resilience and Self-Regulation)
  • Sharing Boundaries
  • Having Consent Conversations
  • Trauma Empowerment
  • The Relationship Lab
  • Attachment and Adult Attachment
  • The Foundations of Sharing Erotic Energy
  • The 3 Dimensions of Sex

Module 3

Repair Basics, Inner Child, and Core Desires

  • The Basics of Repair
  • Shame and Deshamifying
  • Visiting With the Inner Child
  • Understanding Triggers
  • Core Desires: What Turns People On, and Why

Module 4

Socialization, Identity, and Sharing Desires

  • Moving Beyond Gender Socialization
  • Awareness of Your Own and Your Client’s Identities
  • Reclaiming Full Erotic Self-Expression
  • Sharing Desires
  • Surviving Rejection
  • Disinhibition

Module 5

Enhancing Pleasure, Dating, and Dysfunction

  • Giving and Receiving
  • Meeting and Dating
  • Orgasms: Anatomy, Physiology, and Expansion
  • Exploring and Deshamifying Toys
  • The Most Common Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Sex Across the Ability Spectrum

Module 6

Hottest Sexual Movies, Repair, and Launching Your Business

  • What is Your Hottest Sexual Movie?
    • Spiritual/Earth-Based
    • Romantic
    • Passionate
    • Dominant/Submissive
  • Repair: Philosophy and Practice
  • Business and Marketing

The Advanced Curriculum (Modules 7 & 8)

The Advanced Curriculum builds on the foundation set in the Core Curriculum. These two modules are specifically tailored to prepare you for certification.

In the Advanced Modules, we will take a much deeper look at the Arc of a Session and build the skills you need to successfully take your clients through their growth process. Mastering the foundational tools of Somatica will prepare you to work smoothly with any client on their particular goals. The goal of the Advanced modules is to build your skills and confidence as a coach and give you the tools you need to enter the coaching profession.

Module 7

Mastering Foundations and Erotic Energy

  • Advanced Philosophy
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Your Certification Exam
  • Advanced Attunement, Empathy, and Celebration
  • Advanced Work with Shame
  • Getting Out of Story and Into Feelings
  • Flirtation/Erotic Energy/Enjoyment as Therapeutic Modalities

Module 8

Mastering Growing Edges and Guiding Exercises

  • Pulling the Weeds: Working with Fear and Societal Beliefs
  • Identifying Growing Edges
    • Talking it Through
    • Diagnose While Teaching
    • Using the Countertransference
  • The Trajectory of Growing Edges: Feelings, Need, Boundaries and Capacity
  • Mastering Guiding an Exercise
  • Advanced Boundaries
  • Facing Challenging Core Desires
Somatica Career Information Packet and Course Catalog 2024-2025

Discover All the Details About the Somatica Training In our Career Information Packet and Course Catalog

  • Pamela Joy

    How is it possible that Somatica just keeps getting so much better, the more I learn and practice it? Just WOW!

    I found that in the Core Training, I was able to really explore my own personal relationship to various aspects of my sexuality, which transformed my marriage and my life. This exploration was crucial to having a personal understanding of what it’s like to do this work. In year 2, I was just starting to see clients, and found the Advanced Training gave me the ability to know what they needed to work on next and helped me feel authentically connected to them in the process. This made my work so much more efficient and effective. I was thrilled to be able to apply new insights immediately into my client sessions.

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