Somatica’s Mission

Our Mission is to fill the world with love, erotic pleasure, connection, satisfying relationships, and self-aware people who feel free to fully express themselves and can support others in doing the same.


At Somatica we understand that the most important predictor of happiness in life is having positive connection with the people we love and care about the most – our family, partners, children, friends and community. Even when people want professional success, underneath, it is about feeling loved or acknowledged by the important people in their lives. Loving relationships – both emotional and erotic – are what help us all thrive. We want to fill the world with people who have grown to understand sex and relationships and learned how to navigate their uneven waters as well as practitioners who have gone through the growth process themselves and are ready to help others have connected, fulfilling and loving relationships.

Somatica training 2016 - hugWe all experience our deepest feelings of hurt and failure in the realm of sex and relationships. Yet, it is possible to feel loved and held instead of abandoned and disconnected. We want to be a part of making of a world full of deep relationships with people doing their best every day, knowing that they are not perfect and can always grow. We want to share that vision and offer guidance as well as a set of practical tools to help move the world towards more aliveness and connection.

If you feel the calling to help people heal and grow around their sexual lives and relationships or you want to learn the tools so you can heal and grow in your own relationships we want to help you. We want you to bring the connection and pleasure to your families and communities. By living and teaching the Somatica Method, you can be the invitation for love and joy.

Somatica is not just a method, it is also a community of like-minded people who are committed to growth, to love, and to changing themselves and changing the world around sex and relationships. As a community, we surround each other, our students, practitioners, and clients, with loving support. A loving, supportive environment is the only place people can shift old habits, find self-love and transform. In the arms of this loving community, you will learn to be compassionate with yourself, love yourself, learn about your triggers and learn how to speak vulnerably. By being held, you soften up. You choose connection over protection, you begin to read what people really mean underneath all the blame and shame. You learn to ignore their unpolished presentation of others words and begin to hear and speak the language of connection and love. You become the invitation people will emulate. They want the ability to love and connect the way you do; everyone wants it.

We all share the same basic desires to love and be loved, to feel the full force of our own desire and be desired. Together, we can change the world, one relationship at a time.

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