Somatica’s Mission

Our Mission is to help people have the most love, secure attachment, erotic pleasure, emotional intimacy, agency and self-awareness with as little pain and trauma as possible.


At the Somatica Institute, we understand that the most important predictor of happiness in life is having positive connection with the people we love – our family, partners, children, friends and community. Even when people want professional success – underneath, it is about feeling loved or acknowledged by the important people in their lives. Loving relationships – both emotional and erotic – are what help us all thrive.

Because the need for loving connection is part of our human fabric, intimacy is the place where we have the potential to experience our highest highs and, also, our lowest lows. By spreading the teachings of Somatica, we want to fill the world with people who understand the tools that bring them more joy and aliveness, and less suffering and pain.

If you feel the calling to help people heal and grow around their sexual lives and relationships, or you want to learn the tools so you can heal and grow in your own relationships, we are here for you.

We want you to bring the connection and pleasure to your families and communities. By living and teaching the Somatica Method, you can be the invitation to those around you – inspiring them to be true to themselves and take the most rewarding risk of all – the risk of opening to intimacy.

Somatica is not just a method – it is also a community of like-minded people who are committed to growth, love, and changing themselves and the world around sex and relationships. As a community, we surround each other, our students, practitioners, and clients, with caring and compassion. A loving, supportive environment is the most fertile place to shift old habits, find self-love, and transform your life. 

Celeste Hirschman + Danielle Harel on the Somatica Mission

We all share the same basic desires to love and be loved, to feel the full force of our own desire and be desired.

Together, we can change the world, one intimate connection at a time…

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