Somatica’s Mission

Our mission is to help people have the most love, secure attachment, sexual pleasure, emotional intimacy, and self-awareness while experiencing as little pain and trauma as possible.

The Philosophy Behind Our Mission

The most important predictor of happiness in life is having positive connections with the people we love – including our family, partners, children, friends, and community.

Because the need for loving relationships is a critical part of what it means to be human, we experience some of our highest highs and lowest lows through intimacy. Even those who prioritize professional success seek love and acknowledgment from the most important people in their lives.

By sharing the Somatica philosophy through our certification training, we aim to fill the world with people who understand how to bring themselves and others more joy, passion, and connection.

How Can You Be a Part of this Mission?

If you feel a calling to help yourself and others heal and grow in their sexual lives and relationships, you’ve come to the right place.

The best way to bring more pleasure to the world is by learning and living the Somatica philosophyand practicing and teaching its tools to help your clients transform unhelpful habits, uncover their true selves, and unlock deeper intimacy.

Somatica not only prepares you to be a masterful coach — it invites you into a loving community of like-minded people committed to growth, mutual support, and creating a more compassionate world through better sex and relationships.

We all share the same basic desires to love and be loved, and feel the full force of our own passion, pleasure, and aliveness.

Through the Somatica Training, you can join us in our pursuit to change the world – one intimate connection at a time. Get started by learning more about the Somatica Method.