What Makes the Somatica Training Different

Do you want to become a certified sex coach? Have you spent days online comparing and deciphering the innumerable training programs out there? Are you exhausted yet from the endless scroll pages promising you the moon — without ever clearly telling you what the training program contains and why?

Life Coach Magazine recently named the Somatica Sex & Relationship Coach Certification Training “
Best Overall” – and we’re here to tell you concisely why and what makes us different from other training programs.

1. Somatica is a Dual-Modality Certification Program

Many prospective students ask us which of our training programs they should take. The unique thing about Somatica is that you don’t have to choose – we provide a dual-modality sex and relationship certification program. Why?

Sexual and emotional intimacy are deeply intertwined. To be truly effective, any coaching program that aims to help people in the realm of sex or relationships must, by necessity, include both. When we began to develop the Somatica Method, we were initially focused more on helping people grow around sexuality. However, over time, we saw that navigating sexual desires always brought up questions about what sex meant in regard to emotional intimacy.

Even people who just want to have casual sexual experiences still need to be able to negotiate within the interpersonal realm. Thus, regardless of what kinds of connections people are looking for, intimacy skills such as communication, boundaries, and repair are simply essential.

We can’t emphasize it enough: if you are considering a coaching training that is most likely to give you maximum tools for transformation, and you really want to be able to help your clients have a better life, make sure that it doesn’t only address sex but also emotional connection and the complexity of relationship dynamics.

2. We Set You Up for Success with an Integrated Business Training Program

When you take the Somatica sex and relationship coach training, you essentially get 3 programs in one:

Sex Coach Certification + Relationship Coach Certifications + Business Training

We believe that to become a truly successful certified intimacy coach, you have to not only learn about sex and relationships, you also need to be able to market yourself to a broad client base. So many programs give you excellent tools to help your clients in their coaching goals but leave you high and dry when it comes to starting a coaching or therapy business. We want to make sure that you can get clients and keep them until their goals are met!

Our business coaching module shows you how to market your business, build a website, introduce yourself to potential referral sources, and develop an elevator pitch. It also teaches you how to do an effective sales call, sell during workshops, and create coaching packages.

  • Alisa

    Because I was part of the Somatica brand, they were ready to book packages right away.

    Not only has Somatica helped me become a very confident coach, you’ve also helped me start a successful business. That’s not something that I’ve had in the other trainings I’ve taken. Also, being on Somatica’s referral list increased my client’s bookings and the readiness of the clients.

3. Somatica is Real Time Training – Not Passive Video Watching

So many sex coach training programs out there are packaged to be “at-your-own-pace” passive video watching. By signing up, you generally get access to an online vault of videos, some e-books to read, and a group call every so often (if you’re lucky).

While it might seem convenient at first glance to be able to just sit and watch videos on your own time, it’s a rather lethargic learning medium. It’s impossible to really lean into the full dynamic of coaching without experiencing what it’s like to be in the client role – and without tons of face-to-face practice doing actual coaching. In fact, the Somatica training is the only training method that is fully experiential.

In the Somatica Training, the classes are all taught live (nothing is ever pre-recorded) so you can get your questions answered by your teachers, live and in the moment. You can connect to and practice every single exercise with your fellow students. This is what truly prepares you to have a successful coaching career – practice, practice, practice! Additionally, you get real-time feedback and learn how to identify your client’s growth trajectory.

Celeste and Danielle invite you to the Somatica Sex Coach Training

Meet the Founders and Have Your Questions Answered Live on Zoom!

Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 11am PT

  • Maggie

    The coaching practice and feedback I got during the Somatica Training have been crucial to my success with clients.

    What made the sessions with practice clients doable was that I learned a wide menu of experiential exercises I could refer to. I also felt confident in guiding clients through each one because of the practice with students that takes place during the online training. Focusing on getting as much practice as possible is what helped me pay for both the Core and Advanced trainings, as well as additional Mastery Classes.

4. Somatica is Based on Science and Research

The Somatica Method is firmly rooted in science and research. It draws upon a deep understanding of human psychology, physiology, and neuroscience to create a holistic and evidence-based framework for enhancing intimate connections and sexual well-being.

At the core is the recognition that our bodies and minds are intricately interconnected. Research in fields such as attachment theory and gender socialization has shed light on how our early experiences shape our personal expectations and intimate relationships. And experiential learning research has shown that learning by doing is much more effective in creating lasting change.

The Somatica Method is also informed by research findings on mindfulness, embodiment, and trauma recovery as well as writings on shame, vulnerability and the intersectional identities we all possess. By drawing upon these scientific insights, Somatica practitioners can provide clients with evidence-based strategies and techniques to address a wide range of issues, from improving sexual satisfaction to healing emotional wounds.

Somatica empowers individuals and couples to navigate the complexities of intimacy with knowledge, empathy, and confidence, ultimately promoting healthier and more fulfilling connections based on a solid foundation of research-backed principles.

5. Somatica Facilitates Professional AND Personal Growth

Personal growth can be difficult, so why would I want to go through it?

There is a big difference between giving advice and being a transformation doula. Knowing how to usher someone else into their growth process requires you having had your own. Simply put – you have to go through your own transformation to help others through theirs!

It’s also important that you have real, embodied empathy for your clients. For this, you must have experienced the pace of change for yourself, which can often be quite slow. If you haven’t gone on your own journey, you might get frustrated with your client’s pace or push them to go faster than they are ready for.

You need to have taken your own leaps into the unknown and gotten a real feel for the bravery it takes as well as the warmth, safety and guidance you need to fully blossom into who you were born to be. Only then can you help others do the same. The Somatica Training offers a safe and supportive space to explore your own growth and then to become a highly masterful coach, helping others do the same.

Somatica students in a training session
  • Aspen

    The Somatica Training has changed my relationship with myself and others more than I thought possible.

    I knew I was passionate about sexuality and helping others which is why I found the program. But now I’m able to own my worth and truly support people in this area of their lives. The tools of Somatica have blown my understanding wide open, and I love learning new ways to play, love, and feel.

6. Somatica Teaches Diversity and Inclusion

In the Somatica Training, we strongly focus on diversity and inclusion, teaching you how to work with a wide cross-section of people, and giving you the tools to appeal to a large client base. You learn about:

Another important diversity aspect that many programs don’t cover is working with people across the ability spectrum, including neurodiversity and challenges such as chronic pain. Many more people are neurodivergent than was once thought, and illness or differences in ability can bring clients into your office for help. It’s essential that you feel prepared to work with as many people as possible – which is why Somatica focuses so much on inclusion.

7. Somatica is Trauma-Informed Training

When you look at all of the types of trauma people might face throughout their lifetime, it’s clear that any training in which you support people in the intimate realm must be trauma-informed. Regarding sexual assault alone, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 26 men have had an experience in their lifetime. Others deal with the trauma caused by physical violence or attachment wounding, such as abandonment or abuse.

When you go through Somatica, you will learn how to support clients who have experienced trauma. This includes going at a pace that’s comfortable, helping them establish embodied agency, boundaries, and consent practices. You will learn how to help clients become more resilient and self-aware in the face of their trauma histories so they can feel empowered in their day-to-day lives. You will also learn how to offer them tools to understand their triggers, self-soothe, communicate effectively, and create more secure attachments.

8. Somatica is Your Most Efficient Pathway to Success

Because Somatica is 3 trainings in one, it truly prepares you with everything you need to coach the widely diverse clientele that will come through your door. And by offering you a world-wide network of supportive colleagues, it stands head and shoulders above the rest as the most efficient training program for becoming a successful sex and relationship coach.

Learn more about why we created the Somatica Method and what makes our accredited training program so effective.

  • Sven

    I was so impressed by the fact that the Somatica Training is so inclusive and actually covers diversity from multiple different angles.

    I’ve been to so many trainings where diversity wasn’t even touched upon. Now I always prepare myself for that to be missing.

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