Sex Coaching Tools

What sort of sex coaching tools do Somatica practitioners use in their day-to-day? Read about the techniques we teach in our Core Training and Mastery Classes.

Should I Be a Sex Coach Or Sex Therapist?

If you are looking at a career as a sex therapist or sex coach, it’s important to know the difference between the two pathways. 

Both sex coaching and sex therapy are valuable professions that aim to help individuals and couples improve their sexual experiences and overall well-being. 

However, they have distinctly varied approaches and scopes of practice. Learn about the key differences around length of study, personality, and client audiences.

Man and woman doing a couples therapy exercise of sensual eye contact

8 Couples Therapy Exercises To Build Intimacy

Experienced couples coaches and therapists know that intimacy building is a teachable skill. With the right techniques in your toolbox, you can help bring couples closer. But because every couple is different, the more couples therapy exercises you have available, the more likely you are to have something that works for every unique situation.

The couples therapy exercises presented here are based on years of experience and feedback from the Somatica Training and our Couples Training Master Class. We’ve worked closely with our students and clients to build the best couples therapy exercise toolkit, and now, we want to share some exercises with you.

Therapist in session with a sex therapy client

12 In-demand Sex Therapist Skills in 2023

Upgrading your sex therapist skillset not only makes you better at helping your clients, but it also helps you build a better practice. However, with so many capabilities to hone, it can be difficult to choose which ones you should work on. 

The good news is there aren’t really any wrong answers – leveling up on any tools will make you a better therapist and help your practice grow. But if you’re limited on time (and who isn’t these days?), here are the top 12 in-demand sex therapist skills you should prioritize in 2023. 

Pensive woman thinking about how to become a certified sexologist

How to Become A Sexologist

Sexology is defined as the scientific study of sexuality, and sexologists pursue many different areas of study in the realm of sexuality. A sexologist studies sexual desires, sexual function, and sexual behaviors, but there are a variety of paths that can teach you how to become a certified sexologist.

Read about what you’ll study, how to become certified, plus your career path and earning potential.