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Are you curious what the Somatica Training is all about? Learn all about our sex and relationship coach trainings with these articles.
trauma informed coaching training

Somatica is Trauma Informed Coaching

There are many trauma therapies out there. It can however be quite difficult to find a training that focuses on trauma informed coaching and specifically deals with sex and relationships.  This is one of the many aspects that sets the Somatica Method apart from other methods. The Somatica Training is…

Why Become a Sex Coach

Why Become a Sex Coach?

We recently wanted to hear from a few of our alumni how the Somatica Training had affected their lives, work, and careers. We interviewed Christina, Dimitry and Pamela live via Zoom for an hour, while passing along questions from people interested in becoming a sex coach.

This is Part One in a series of articles exploring “How to Have a Lucrative Career as a Sex Coach”, and asks the question: why did you become a sex coach?

intimacy coordinator

What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

Recently, Somatica Institute founder Danielle Harel interviewed one of our Somatica Training alumni, Amanda Blumenthal, who has been pioneering the film and TV industry as an intimacy coordinator.

We talked to her about what her job exactly entails, what challenges and rewards she has encountered, and how the Somatica Training has helped her navigate the choppy waters of the entertainment industry.

how do i market my coaching business

Marketing for Coaches

Like sex, marketing for coaches has a lot of myths, misinformation, and promises around it.

It’s important to move beyond the mistaken beliefs that you need to get coaching clients fast, or the desire to scale a coaching business. We show you how.

Woman in tub showing how to be vulnerable

Learn How to Be Vulnerable in Relationships

Vulnerability is one of the cornerstones of achieving intimacy in a relationship. Whether it be a friendship or a partnership – to feel more connected, understood, and loved, you need to learn how to open up to people. We’ll guide you how to be more vulnerable in relationships.