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Somatica and its faculty are frequently quoted in news publications.
Here is a look at the top media mentions.


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The Summer of Sex: How Hooking Up Will Change After COVID


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The Somatica Institute Trains Sex Coaches In Somatic Sexology
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Making Sexual Fantasies a Reality

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A Sex Guide for People Whose Partners Won’t Go Down on Them

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6 Ways You Kill Her Orgasm
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How To Actually Have A Threesome: 33 Tips, Stories & Things To Expect

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Why Do Some Women Orgasm More Often than Others?

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Love in the Age of (Sex) Robots
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6 Ways To Make Scheduled Sex Romantic

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22 Best Remote Control Vibrators You Can Use Near or Far

The Washington Post

In Silicon Valley, Some Men Say Cosmetic Procedures Are Essential to a Career
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One Mental Trick You Need for Better Sex


What It’s Really Like To Be A Hands-On Sex Coach
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Sex And The Valley: Tech Guys Seek Expert Love Advice From Therapists

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How To Stop Dating Jerks For Good