Is A Career Change To Sex Coaching Right For Me?

By Danielle Harel | Updated: August 1, 2023

Figuring out when and how to change careers is hard. A lot of us are taught from an early age that there are only three kinds of work:

  • work that feeds your body (provides a comfortable living for you and yours)
  • work that feeds your soul (provides a sense of accomplishment and pride)
  • and work that feeds society (makes the world a better place)

All too often, we’re expected to be happy with just one of these – maybe two, at best. But what if you could find a new career that fed your body, your soul, and the world?

Happy woman making a career change to sex coaching

When Is it Time for a Career Change?

Everyone occasionally thinks of switching careers, but how do you know if now is the right time? Here are six clues:

  1. You’re constantly fantasizing about quitting: One of the more obvious ways to tell if it’s time for a career change is if you spend a lot of time at work fantasizing about quitting and being somewhere else. This probably means that your heart and soul are not really engaged in the work you’re doing – and you’re ready to spread your wings.
  2. You feel burnt out: You may or may not have loved the work you did at the beginning of your career, but now you’ve learned everything there is to learn and you feel burnt out. You do not want to get up and go to work, and you feel exhausted and unmotivated. This probably means you are ready for something new. Historically, people kept the same job or career for their whole life, but these days, many people find life more exciting and interesting when they switch it up in the professional realm.
  3. The career you have is just not fulfilling: Even if you are skilled at your job, if, at the end of the day, you don’t have any sense of passion, enjoyment or satisfaction in your work, it’s probably time to look for something that fulfills a deeper part of you.
  4. You want to give your true gift to the world: When researchers study happiness, one of the main indicators is a sense of having and carrying out your own particular purpose in the world. What’s exciting about sex coaching is that it’s not only an opportunity to find your purpose and give your gift, but working with people on their sex lives and relationships also improves another main indicator of happiness: closeness to others.
  5. You’re not earning enough to live, or you think you can earn more: If you’ve reached the maximum amount of money you can make in your current role or industry, and it’s not affording you the lifestyle you desire, it may be time for a career change. Because sex coaching is a relatively new field, there is lots of room to become a thought leader or to create a niche, high-demand business with excellent earning potential.
  6. Your company or colleagues don’t value you: If you are working at a company where you don’t feel valued, and your supervisors or coworkers don’t see or acknowledge the gifts you have to offer, you will want to find work that helps you stand out and shine.

How to Change Careers

Navigating how to make a career change can be intimidating, especially if you think of it as an all-or-nothing proposition. Maybe it’s time to just throw in the towel on your current career and never look back — but alternatively, if you are worried about stability, there are other options.

One thing that’s wonderful about sex coaching as a career is that you can ease in. Many sex coaching programs have schedules that make it possible to attend while maintaining a full time job. And, because of the nature of the work, it’s even possible to start building your practice while you’re still working in another field.

How to find a new career by being inspired

What Will Make Me a Good Fit for Sex Coaching?

Now that you’ve evaluated whether or not it’s time for a career change, you should start to consider what your next venture should be. When it comes to sex coaching, there are some important personality traits that will help you be the best coach possible. You’re a good fit for this career direction if you are:

  1. Non-judgmental – We live in a sex-negative world full of judgments about people’s turn-ons, sexual identity, and gender identity. In order to help people fully embrace who they are as sexual beings, it’s essential that you are accepting and non-judgmental toward all kinds of sexual desires and identities that are out there.
  2. Empathetic – Empathy is an important trait for anyone helping others with their sexual and emotional lives. One thing you want to ask yourself is whether you are able to empathize with other people, especially those who are different from you.
  3. Open – In addition to not judging others, you will also need to feel comfortable talking about a wide variety of sexual topics and connecting with all different kinds of people. Your clients will look to you as an inspiration for being sexually empowered, so it’s helpful for you to be open about your sexuality.
  4. A strong communicator – Sex is taboo to talk about, and good sex requires good communication. For all of these reasons, it’s important that you have strong communication skills. You will also need to be able to teach these communication skills to others and help them practice.
  5. Able to set clear boundaries – When you are helping people with their sexuality, feelings of desire and attraction can arise. This is fine as long as you commit to keeping your personal boundaries and the boundaries of the method you choose. Crossing your boundaries, your clients’ boundaries, or the boundaries of the profession can be quite harmful.
  6. Proficient at self-care – When you are in a helping profession, it can be easy to fall into codependency with your clients and neglect your own self-care. Learning to take time off to rejuvenate when necessary will make it possible for your career as a sex coach to be sustainable and for you to better serve your clients.
  7. Entrepreneurial at heart – Maybe, most importantly, you need to have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. No list of tips on how to change careers can be complete without mentioning that you need to be a self-starter, but it’s exceptionally important when trying to switch careers to something that lets you “have it all.” You have to be able to dream big and motivate yourself to shoot for the stars.

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