Somatica Mastery Classes

The Somatica Mastery Classes are designed to let you take your coaching skills to a whole new level. They will give you fresh tools, allowing you to increase the variety of clients you can support, and working with a fuller scope of issues. You will come to understand your clients more, practice many new hands-on techniques, and learn to work with special topics like couples, BDSM and kink.

Continuing education is the best way to keep your practice fresh, exciting, and inspired.

Prerequisite: The first 6 modules of the Somatica Training are required in order to attend any of the mastery classes.

Character strategies

The Character Strategies Training teaches you to be an extremely efficient coach. It helps you retain clients longer because you learn how to work with their deepest, lifelong issues. You come to understand people’s core wounds and the character strategies that result from them. And you discover how our wounds, strategies, and core desires all relate.

2024 dates to be announced; Online

Somatica immersion

The 5-day In-Person Immersion Retreat is an opportunity to get practice, feedback, and confidence in guiding your clients through the hands-on exercises in Somatica. This is going to be a fun, highly interactive learning experience! You will have the chance to bond with the Somatica community, network with your peers, and get a taste of the Somatica love in-person!

October 3-7, 2024; Mandala Springs, Cobb, California

BDSM workshop

Many sex coaching clients are interested in exploring BDSM / kink, and specifically seek out coaches that are able to work with them around fetishes or darker desires. In this In-Person BDSM Mastery Training, you hands-on practice within the Somatica boundaries to help your kinky clients explore BDSM, embrace their desires, and get their needs met out in the world.

March 14-16, 2025; San Francisco, CA

Couples training

Working with couples is deeply fulfilling and has its own particular challenges. Couples are likely to trigger each other in session, and this Professional Couples Training teaches you the tools you de-escalate them and have repair conversations that deepen intimacy and trust. You learn to guide couples through the conversations and practices they need to have the hottest, most connected and passionate sex possible.

2024 dates to be announced; Online