Your Somatica Certification Path

The Somatica® Certification Program offers a structured pathway to achieving sex and relationship coaching mastery. It also gives you the marketing tools to get you started on your own coaching business.

This Certification Program is a thorough and organized course that requires you to participate in supervision, home-study, peer study, student coaching, and continuing education. Watch Somatica co-founder Celeste Hirschman talk you through it:

Follow These Steps to Become Certified as a Somatica Coach

relationship coach certification steps

Step 1: Immersion in The Somatica® Method

Taking the Somatica Training will offer you tremendous personal transformation and will give you a new outlook and powerful tools for your own growth and for your relationships. It will also put you on your path towards becoming a masterful coach. To become a certified Somatica coach, you will complete the following requirements:

  1. Attend the beginning online training, which includes 90 hours of interactive training, plus home-study assignments, practice sessions, and assigned readings to start your journey of personal transformation, self-awareness, and confidence.
  2. In addition to the in-class practices, you will also engage in 12 experiential practice sessions with other students, clients, colleagues, friends, and/or partners outside of class. In these sessions, you begin to embody the role of coach and practice your coaching leadership skills.
  3. In between modules, complete 2-4 hours of weekly reading to enhance your understanding of intimacy, arousal, trauma, repair, attachment and so much more. We’ve chosen books that will give you both a philosophical overview and practical tools for yourself and your clients.
  4. Engage in 1-2 hours of thought-provoking home-study assignments. These assignments will help you see how the material relates to you personally and help you start to think like a Somatica coach.

Once you complete the 6 modules, we encourage you to start seeing clients as a sex and relationship coach. This will allow you to keep developing your skills and getting feedback on them as you are going through the certification. You will also be added to the Somatica Alumni group, where you can connect with everyone who has ever graduated from the Somatica Training.

Step 2: Become a Certified Somatica® Coach

Take the next step to have the career you’ve always dreamed of! Once you complete the following requirements, you will benefit from all the privileges of the Somatica Certification. This includes certification by the American Board of Sexology, the option of a listing on our website and receiving client referrals, and access to the Mastery Classes.

  1. Take the Advanced Student Somatica ® Method Training where Dr. Danielle Harel and Celeste Hirschman, M.A., will support you in becoming a highly successful coach. They will give you personalized feedback and will be available weekly office hours. You will also get ample support on your growing edges as a professional.
  2. Attend a business development seminar where you create a business plan and learn how to launch your practice.
  3. Bonus – participate in optional weekly Marketing Meetings with Celeste Hirschman, M.A. to keep you on track with your business goals. Having time set aside to work as a group will keep you on track to achieve your business goals. Each meeting you will pick a goal and work on it during the meeting.
  4. Bonus – participate in optional weekly office hours with Danielle Harel, Ph.D. Office hours are a time to drop in and check about specific issues, supervision questions, questions about the material, learning about your personal and professional growing edges, etc.

STEP 3:  Demonstrate Your Expertise

In the hour-long final exam* for your Somatica Certification, you will present a recorded client session to either Danielle or Celeste. They will give you feedback and recommendations on your work and decide whether you are ready to be certified. This will ensure you are able to demonstrate a certification-level capability around:

    1. Attunement
    2. Empathy
    3. Deshamifying
    4. Identifying a growing edge
    5. Creating an interpersonal experience between you and the client that helps them work on their growing edge
    6. Wrap-up where you help your client understand and integrate what they are taking from the session and where you might go next

* If you do not pass the Certification Exam the first time, you are eligible to take it again as many times as you need to. The cost of the exam is $320 (you will be responsible to pay for each additional exam).

Somatica certification path
Pamela Joy, Somatica Training, 2015

OMG, how is it possible that Somatica just keeps getting so much better the more I learn and practice it ?!? Just WOW!

Making the decision to attend the training two years in a row was one of the best personal and professional decisions I have ever made. I found that in year 1, I was able to really explore my own personal relationship to various aspects of my sexuality, which transformed my marriage and my life. This exploration was crucial to having a personal understanding of what it’s like to do this work. In year 2, I was just starting to see clients, and found re-taking the training gave me the ability to know what they needed to work on next and helped me feel authentically connected to them in the process. This made my work so much more efficient and effective. I was thrilled to be able to apply new insights immediately into my client sessions.

For those who are super serious about a full-time career as a coach, I highly recommend taking the Advanced and Couples training. The Advanced training not only radically improved my own personal relationships, but the Advanced + Couples trainings allowed me to deepen even more fully into understanding various aspects of my clients experiences and greatly improved my clinical expertise in working with both individuals and couples.

Recommended Mastery Classes

After you have achieved certification, you are eligible to participate in these Mastery Classes:

Coaching Client Referrals

Finally – as a Certified Somatica Practitioner, you are able to be part of our referral program. This is a great way for clients to find you and can help to fill your coaching practice.

Tuition & Training Dates

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