Healing Privilege and Oppression in Intimate Relationships

We live in a society where our founding documents say that we are all created equal. However, in our day-to-day lives, people are overtly or covertly discriminated against based on differences such as race or ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, gender identity, ability, age, etc. This discrimination affects people in every…

How To Get Your Relationship Coach Certification

Relationship coaching is an emerging field in the life coaching sector. In order to become a relationship coach, it is important to go through a thorough and high quality training program that provides a relationship coach certification. We show you how.

Personal growth
The Definition of Personal Growth vs Self Improvement

People often come into our sex and relationship coaching offices with the desire to improve themselves. They might want to be better lovers, figure out a way to stop making the same relationship mistakes, or find ways to last longer in bed. They look at themselves as lacking or failing in some way – and they want “advice” on how to change. But is that just self improvement – or the definition of personal growth? What’s the difference, really?

American College of Sexologists (ACS) Certified
Somatica Institute Now Accredited by the American College of Sexologists

We are Excited to Announce! We are excited to announce that the Somatica Institute is now accredited by the American College of Sexologists (ACS). The ACS has issued an acknowledgment that we have met its criteria in training coaches that assist clients with issues around sexual health and well being….

character strategies
What are Character Strategies – and How Do They Relate to Your Turn-Ons?

What are character strategies, and how do they related to your turn-ons? Explore how your unmet childhood needs are expressed in your sexual desires.

Woman in tub showing how to be vulnerable
Learn How to Be Vulnerable in Relationships

Vulnerability is one of the cornerstones of achieving intimacy in a relationship. Whether it be a friendship or a partnership – to feel more connected, understood, and loved, you need to learn how to open up to people. We’ll guide you how to be more vulnerable in relationships.

How to Connect with people
How to Connect with People during Social Distancing

In these times of social distancing – how do you connect with people as a sex or relationship coach? Here is how you can hold someone – without physically doing so.

woman in mirror, claiming her erotic energy
Showing Yourself Out – an Erotic Energy Exercise

Are you struggling with communicating your desires to your lover? Learn the technique of Showing Yourself Out – and how to tap into your erotic energy.

Somatic Training
Caring for the Somatica Community in the Face of the Coronavirus

Here is our update on how the Coronavirus is affecting our free intro workshops in SF, LA and NYC, as well as our upcoming trainings. Plus – check out our new online option!