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Pensive woman thinking about how to become a certified sexologist
How to Become A Sexologist

Sexology is defined as the scientific study of sexuality, and sexologists pursue many different areas of study in the realm of sexuality. A sexologist studies sexual desires, sexual function, and sexual behaviors, but there are a variety of paths that can teach you how to become a certified sexologist.

Read about what you’ll study, how to become certified, plus your career path and earning potential.

Learn BDSM
Why Being a Kink Friendly Coach Matters Now More Than Ever

As Somatica coaches, we encounter a myriad of sexual and relational issues, curiosities, and desires in our practice. In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in clients who are curious to explore BDSM and kink. 

See why and how you should consider becoming a kink friendly coach.

How much is a sexologist salary
Sexologist Salaries: How Much Can You Make?

If you’re interested in becoming a sexologist, you’ve probably searched online for “sexologist salary” or “how much do sexologists make”. And likely, you found information that told you a sexologist in the US can make about $50k – $69k a year. We’re here to tell you – from our own practical experience – that these estimates are flawed, at best.

How much can you really expect to earn as a sexologist? Here are the facts for you.

trauma informed coach training
Somatica is Trauma Informed Coaching

There are many trauma therapies out there. It can however be quite difficult to find a training that focuses on trauma informed coaching and specifically deals with sex and relationships.

At the Somatica Institute, we find that many clients seeking help in the realm of sex and relationships often also have a history of sexual trauma, intimate trauma, or attachment trauma. See how Somatica helps them cope, and which trauma informed skills you can learn in the Somatica Training.

social media marketing for coaches Janel Vitale
How to Win at Social Media Marketing as a Sex Coach

Somatica alumni Janel Vitale was recently voted “#1 Sexpert on TikTok” by Cosmopolitan.

Somatica Institute co-founder Danielle Harel interviewed her to find out how she got over 6 million likes on the social platform, and what it takes to get started in social media marketing as a sex coach – and continue to stay inspired over time.

Two people in a sex coaching session
The Arc of a Somatica Session

As Somatica practitioners, our goal is to help people decide what kind of emotional and erotic intimacy they want in their lives. We then teach them the tools to get there in a Somatica session.

Read about the arc of a Somatica session, and how you as a coach will guide your client through it.

Why Become a Sex Coach
Why Become a Sex Coach?

We recently wanted to hear from a few of our alumni how the Somatica Training had affected their lives, work, and careers. We interviewed Christina, Dimitry and Pamela live via Zoom for an hour, while passing along questions from people interested in becoming a sex coach.

This is Part One in a series of articles exploring “How to Have a Lucrative Career as a Sex Coach”, and asks the question: why did you become a sex coach?

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