Here's what happens in a Sex Coaching session
Here’s What Happens in a Sex Coaching Session

Have you ever wondered what happens in a sex coaching session? 

It’s literally one of the first questions we get asked by potential clients. They are always curious about the kinds of experiences they might have if they book a video session or come into our offices.

So here’s a comprehensive overview of what happens in a sex coaching session. 

sex parties experience
Sex Parties Experience: What I Learned About Myself

A sex parties experience can push you out of your comfort zone.

Read this first-person account of a Somatica sex coach and her personal journey through sex parties – and what she learned about herself.

How to empower women
How to Empower Women as a Coach

Knowing how to empower women as a coach means understanding the dynamics of societal messaging – and learning what you can do to counter them.
We’ll show you how.

How to overcome shame
How to Overcome Shame? Become a Ruthless De-Shamifyer!

Most people have experienced shame as part of their upbringing in some way or another. It’s a commonly used tool to control children or fit adults into societal standards. So how can you overcome shame? You must become a ruthless de-shamifyer in your daily life. We show you how.

Young couple having a sexual consent conversation
Sexual Consent – and How to Ask for It

What is sexual content? We explain what it is (and what it’s NOT) why it’s important, and when to start the conversation.
We also show you all the different ways you how you can safely ask for it. Ready?

how do i market my coaching business
Marketing for Coaches

Like sex, marketing for coaches has a lot of myths, misinformation, and promises around it.

It’s important to move beyond the mistaken beliefs that you need to get coaching clients fast, or the desire to scale a coaching business. We show you how.

Young couple learning to say no
Setting Boundaries in Relationships – Learn to Say NO

Being empowered in your relationship relies on three keys: managing relationship dependency, gaining emotional maturity, and setting boundaries – which means learning to say NO. Read about the steps you can take to learn this skill – without guilt over potentially hurting your partner’s feelings.

how to be emotionally mature in relationships
How to Be Emotionally Mature in Relationships

It takes maturity to stop being dependent and empower yourself in a relationship. But you may be surprised to hear that the skill of how to be emotionally mature in relationships actually can be learned. 
Here are the 7 most important practices you apply today to achieve emotional maturity and have better, more intimate and profound relationships.

relationship dependency is not codependency
Relationship Dependency & How to Empower Yourself

Are you tired of feeling dependent in your relationship? Or your partner being emotionally reliant on you? If so, it is time to empower yourself in your relationship and learn how not to depend on others for happiness. We’ll show you how.

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