trauma informed coaching training
Somatica is Trauma Informed Coaching

There are many trauma therapies out there. It can however be quite difficult to find a training that focuses on trauma informed coaching and specifically deals with sex and relationships.  This is one of the many aspects that sets the Somatica Method apart from other methods. The Somatica Training is…

social media marketing for coaches Janel Vitale
How to Win at Social Media Marketing as a Sex Coach

Somatica alumni Janel Vitale was recently voted “#1 Sexpert on TikTok” by Cosmopolitan.

Somatica Institute co-founder Danielle Harel interviewed her to find out how she got over 6 million likes on the social platform, and what it takes to get started in social media marketing as a sex coach – and continue to stay inspired over time.

Somatica Session arc
The Arc of a Somatica Session

As Somatica practitioners, our goal is to help people decide what kind of emotional and erotic intimacy they want in their lives. We then teach them the tools to get there in a Somatica session.

Read about the arc of a Somatica session, and how you as a coach will guide your client through it.

Why Become a Sex Coach
Why Become a Sex Coach?

We recently wanted to hear from a few of our alumni how the Somatica Training had affected their lives, work, and careers. We interviewed Christina, Dimitry and Pamela live via Zoom for an hour, while passing along questions from people interested in becoming a sex coach.

This is Part One in a series of articles exploring “How to Have a Lucrative Career as a Sex Coach”, and asks the question: why did you become a sex coach?

intimacy coordinator
What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

Recently, Somatica Institute founder Danielle Harel interviewed one of our Somatica Training alumni, Amanda Blumenthal, who has been pioneering the film and TV industry as an intimacy coordinator.

We talked to her about what her job exactly entails, what challenges and rewards she has encountered, and how the Somatica Training has helped her navigate the choppy waters of the entertainment industry.

woman practicing male empowerment
Male Empowerment in Sex and Intimacy

In a world where men already hold a lot of power over other people, what does the term male empowerment really mean?

To find out, we have to look at the difference between the power given to men by society – and the definition of male empowerment. 

Somatica Graduate Emily Morse
Congrats to Somatica Graduate Emily Morse!

We are so delighted to congratulate our Somatica Training graduate, Emily Morse, on her success in teaching a Master Class on sex and communication.

Here’s how Emily and the Somatica community have collaborated to make this world a more pleasurable, sex-positive place.

Here's what happens in a Sex Coaching session
Here’s What Happens in a Sex Coaching Session

Have you ever wondered what happens in a sex coaching session? 

It’s literally one of the first questions we get asked by potential clients. They are always curious about the kinds of experiences they might have if they book a video session or come into our offices.

So here’s a comprehensive overview of what happens in a sex coaching session. 

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