3 Ways Couples Therapists Can Make More Money

Most couples therapists didn’t go into their career to get rich; they started their practices to make people’s lives better. So there’s always (or at least very commonly, we’ve found) some sense of guilt in practitioners who start asking themselves: “How do I make more money as a therapist?

Fortunately, you make more money by becoming an even better therapist and finding important ways to help your clients. It isn’t either/or — it’s both.

3 Ways to Make 6 Figures as a Therapist

On average, therapists in the U.S. make about $70,000 annually. If you are wondering how to make $100k as a therapist (or more), the answer is: choose a niche with room to grow and lower competition. Then build closer bonds with your clients, and teach more useful skills.

These three things can take your practice to the next level – and we have expert tips from experienced therapists on where you should start.

1. Choose a Unique Niche: Specialize in Sexuality

Your first step to making more money as a therapist is to stand out. Choose a niche other therapists in your area aren’t offering. Talk about this niche in your marketing materials – and clients will seek you out when they have problems in this area.

Because sexuality is something that many therapists are uncomfortable talking to their clients about, it’s a highly sought-after specialization. As sex coaches, we know how many people are searching for help in the sexual arena.

The truth is that many clients who come into our sex coaching offices have seen a couples therapist before. Their biggest complaint: the therapist was able to help us feel closer, but had no tools to help us deal with our sexual differences. Couples could be dealing with desire discrepancy, sexual dysfunction, sexless marriage, low desire, or a lack of ability to communicate around sexual needs. Therefore, they need a couples therapist with the knowledge or skills to help them resolve these all-too-common marital or relationship issues.

Training from an institute that specializes in helping clients with sex and relationship issues – like the Somatica Institute – can help therapists build the skills they need to confidently dive into this niche, and provide better support to their clients.

Couples therapist with clients, helping her earn 6 figures.

2. Build Trust: Bring More Vulnerability into Your Sessions

Another approach to boosting your income – be more authentic in your connections with your clients.

In fact, to get and keep clients, it’s crucial to bond with them and build the relationship they need to fully trust you. This requires a sincere sharing of vulnerability on your part. You should incorporate it into the bio on your website, as well as the articles you write about your own transformation. Another way of showing your vulnerability is by being sincerely connected to your own emotions in session. This will also help you to better understand the feelings your clients are eager to share.

Therapists who have taken the Somatica Training report that the learned tools of vulnerability invite their clients to open up at a level they hadn’t been able to before. Even with long-term clients, they testify to seeing new shifts and changes whenever they bring their vulnerable self into session.

3. Teach the Most Important Tool: Relationship Repair

Finally, to make 6 figures as a sex therapist, you need to give your clients more sophisticated tools than what they can get from your competition. These tools should help them move through uncomfortable differences, triggers, misunderstandings, and breaches in trust. They are the gifts that offer your clients peace and mutual understanding for a lifetime.

Most of what gets in the way of a couple’s intimacy comes down to an inability to work through challenging moments in their relationship. So you should not only help your clients resolve conflict in your office – you also need to teach them the tools of repair. They will be able to use them at home, in their daily lives, and with partners, friends, family, and even their children.

Creating this virtuous cycle of teaching tools and creating happy customers will give you an endless referral network.

Elevate Your Income While Better Serving Your Clients

Couples therapists looking to earn more and better help their clients should consider these tips as the beginning of their journey into personal and professional growth.

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